New Metal song (I think haha).

Just for fun.

Size of zip 543.4 mb

There is no screaming in this track.  There are no guitar DI tracks, the midi for the drums is included, but so are the multi bounces (OH, room, snare bottom and top etc...).

Ok I lost the original zip file so I had to redo it.  I can't find the stupid tempo anymore either.

Hopefully google drive doesn't just erase files after so long though, sorry this took so long to update.  I had my first kid and life got busy.

Original mix:

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The link is written wrong: Took a minute to figure out what I was suppose to omit from the browser address to get it download. Also: the ":" is missing
before the "http".
Loren Littlejohn
Yeah sorry my bad, this forum has different hyperlink rules than others I have visited.  I modified the link above so all should be good now.
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Oh man, fuck yeah.  It's like Toolcore.  I'm guna have fun with this.
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Here's my work in progress, fun song to work with.
The kick is quite good; when letting it take care of the upper low end, the "fast bottom" makes little more impact than if it's anchor would have been lower.
The only "problem" I see here that,... (read more)
Loren Littlejohn
This sounds great.  Man I'm not used to hearing other peoples mixes on my own stuff haha.
There's nothing special there really.

If I recall correctly the pdf said that the vocals were tracked into a Studioprojects C1. I've worked with that microphone. It has a problem which I ... (read more)
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Dude I dig that.  I usually use some delay as well, but try to blend it more.  I kind of like it out front like that.
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Like your mix Spede, sounds nicely glued together- listening on a laptop right now though so can't comment in much depth!

As for mine- I do agree about the low end.  I took the bass down last minute because I thought it was over saturating the mix in a bad way- in retrospect that was a dumb idea that, yeah, left a bit of a hole in the mix.  As for the pre chorus, glad you appreciated the delay haha!  My take on it was in fact to deliberately make the pre chorus louder-  I felt like the chorus broke through melodically more so than dynamically- so having it like a melodic passage emerging from a storm of raging thrash drums seemed like a good idea.  I still think it works!

As for the stereo image I also agree, I usually love to have a wide open mix and this one feels a bit out of character.  Everything's hard panned but it's very symmetrical.  If you listen to the last chorus the higher harmonies are out on the left and right.  I just liked the focus of keeping the ... (read more)
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Hey Guys, thanks for posting this song, here's my mix:
Loren Littlejohn
I actually like how different this is, but I have to agree with loon a bit.  The kick sounds ok to me in parts but when the song gets busy the kick starts getting muddy down in the 50-70hz area.  T... (read more)
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Sweet song.  Great synths and guitar sound. slight limit on the track. - Updated Mix 8/9/11
Loren Littlejohn
Glad you dug the guitars, mix of a mesa dual recto and a 5150 both through vintage 30s.

I think your mix is balanced pretty well, the only thing that comes to my ears fairly quick is I can... (read more)
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I like the intro synth. Sounds cool.

Sounds like you went for more of a synth(y) mix, however, the guitars are still too thin.  For my taste, the kick is too bass-heavy, even though its nice and punchy, and the guitars surely lack bass.  Floor toms could also use some work.

The vocals, though, sound nice and blend well with your mix.

Sorry I can't critique any other mixes.  Soundcloud doesn't seem to be working at the moment.  I'll try to get back to them later.
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Nanti: I like your compressed bass sound, would like to know how to make that myself :) The overall feel on guitars reminds me of certain industrial bands which is a good thing. However I think this mix needs some more on lower frequencys, maybe somewhere around 200-500hz?

Spede is boring because there's not much to comment on his mixes except that they're good :)

Here is my try, this was interesting because I have never really mixed heavier songs before, thanks for the tracks!
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Alright, here we go. Some more feedback.


The drums sound great.  Nothing to complain at all in that department.  Nice work.

The delay on the vocals also sounds cool, but gets a little loud sometimes.  I'd side-chain compress the delay to the lead vox channel in some spots to keep it from building up.

The bass at the end sounds great.


Wow.  Off the bat a great sounding snare.  Hi-hat's a bit loud

I like the edit from the intro to the verse.  Keeps the song moving.

The effect on the bass is a little harsh in the high frequencies for me.


Intro synth sounds phenomenal.  Snare is too loud and makes it sound to quick.  Shaker too loud as well.  Usually kick is clickier in this genre, but, surely, it still works - just personal preference.

Nice reverb on the vox during the prechorus.  Sounds right.

Bass clickyness is audible through the guitar at so... (read more)