Metal/Electronica Song (Live drums and DI guitars)

Hey guys!  Not too sure where to post this one as it is a metal/electronica fusion.  However, I suppose with live drums, some double bass, and a drop c tuned guitar it might be a little more metal.

Anyway - here's a song I've been working on.

My mix:
The RAR containing the raw stems for mixing:

The RAR includes:
8 Drum tracks
4 Synth tracks
4 Guitar DI tracks
1 Vocal track

I hope you enjoy mixing the song and I'm looking forward to hearing some sweet mixes.  

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My band just had a gig cancelled tonight, this is exactly what I needed to kill the time!
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Kind of an odd sounding song, but gonna give this a crack.
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Heh.  Should I take that as a compliment or an insult? :D
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Ha, not at all.  What I meant was I don't think I have ever really heard, let alone mixed anything like this.  BTW, this is one of these best sounding kicks I have ever had the chance to mix.  I usually grab samples, but this thing sounds great on it's own!

5150 for the guitars:
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Ah okay. ;D

Glad to hear you dig the kick.  Evans EMAD II, a bunch of blankets, and an Audix D6.  No resonant head on the drum.

Fast mix you did there!  However, the guitars are a little weak to my ears.  Maybe some more gain would probably work.  During the messy guitar part (solo?) in the middle, the guitars didn't mesh enough.  Lead synth also got lost there.  My fault there though, automation is needed - I didn't raise the level when it changed octaves.

Great sounding drums.  I especially liked the sound of the toms.

Also liked the 'triplet s' track panning from right to left.  Nice touch.
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Cool, maybe I'll yank it back up today and do some tweaking and re reamp the guitars, possibly through a different amp since the 5150 starts getting some of those bees when you push it more.

Toms are a blend of the original sound and some chimara toms samples.  It's about 75/25 sample/original.  Every other element of the kit is what it is, I wanted more decay out of the toms and the snare bleed wasn't letting me get it, hence the samples (tuned to match of course).
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Here's mine.

Loon your mix sounds very muddy. The drums have no life to them, and I think this is where it begins to fall short.

Loren, your drums are a lot better. I liked your panning of the triplet synth at first and then it became distracting. I think if you didn't do a full 180 degree pan it would work better. Your bass synth is very very low. It leaves the track very hollow.
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Thanks for the feedback, japancakes.

Didn't realize my mix sounded muddy.  I'll have to fix that up! :)  Did you mean the drums are lifeless in the mix or the recordings themselves?

Why such little distortion on the guitar?  Just doesn't sound right to me.

Lead synth sounds very nice.  Nice and spacey it is.  I like the verb on the snare as well.

In a bit I'll upload an updated mix.  I gotta get mine sounding right.  Should I upload my amped guitar stems as well?
I like to hear the breakup. When there's too much gain it's just muddy, and doesn't fit the sound-scape of my mix. It's also my personal preference. I think electric guitars sound heavier without t... (read more)
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Yeah I hear ya on the lack of sustain.  Especially on the floor tom.  Lately its been like I've forgotten how to tune a drum.  Sorry about that.

I updated the mix in the original post.  Is it less muddy?  Drums still sound bad?  Guitars too weak now?  I had originally though I was finished, so thanks for the push.
I think it's a lot better. But the guitar tone still doesn't match the distortion characteristics of the vocals and synth. This is the main reason my guitars are "undergained". It still doesn't hav... (read more)
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I'm really enjoying the metal forum!

Here is a quick mix using the original tracks:

I used two different amp sims on the guitar tracks.

Let me know what you think!