AM CONTRA - Heart Peripheral

Hi MixOff dudes - first post here :-)
Great concept for a website I've gotta say.

Here is a track I co-wrote / produced with Mishelle Bradford-Jones.
A Club / Dance track called Heart Peripheral.
Our collab is called AM CONTRA.
It's all drums, percussion, synths & vocals - no live instruments at all.
Tempo is 136bpm
Here's the Dropbox link - someone please confirm that it works.
File is 384 MB zipped up - 48 Mono Tracks - lot's of vocals & the Pro tools export puts stereo files as 2 x mono.

Oh BTW - I removed all effects off everything - just the raw files - wanted to give you maximum creative potential,
and not be locked into what I did. :-)

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Better late than never, eh?  :)

I like it!
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Is it too late to post my remix?
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There is no I rate did not slow down "soundcloud" works incorrectly, forgive for my English ::)
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Did u slow that down?
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Hi!Here my mix
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Had great fun with this. The original mix is quality. Went through all the tracks and they're all well done. It was hard to pick favourites from this but for me the mixes from Minorhead, Imispgh and Bazrush stood out a little.

Decided to up the tempo to 170bpm and try and get a drum & bass feel.
Thank you for the comment
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I thought I had my ears set on my monitors and headphones to get me close to what I hear on my high end system. Not so.  I really need to do the final settings on that system from now on. I redid most of the remixes
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Here's my first pass.....just finished....probably should have checked it on some various mediums before I uploaded but oh well!

BTW there were a lot of cool ideas in everyones mixes that I heard!

This was fun to mix.
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Dropbox version
Okay - for me the emphasis on the percussion rather than synths during the chorus is a bit unusual.  But taking this as an interesting artistic decision, I can't help thinking you really want to cu... (read more)
Thank you very much for the input. I looked at dropping the percussion just a tad and it disappears even just slightly lower.  So I will keep it where it is.
I also looked at lowering the botto... (read more)
yes, sorry, the vamp part.  I was being unhelpful and non-specific :)

Just listening to the new version. I like the odd dropped kick drum moment - but it does leave it less useful as a dan... (read more)
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Finally got around to the deesser and leveling the vocals