AM CONTRA - Heart Peripheral

Hi MixOff dudes - first post here :-)
Great concept for a website I've gotta say.

Here is a track I co-wrote / produced with Mishelle Bradford-Jones.
A Club / Dance track called Heart Peripheral.
Our collab is called AM CONTRA.
It's all drums, percussion, synths & vocals - no live instruments at all.
Tempo is 136bpm
Here's the Dropbox link - someone please confirm that it works.
File is 384 MB zipped up - 48 Mono Tracks - lot's of vocals & the Pro tools export puts stereo files as 2 x mono.

Oh BTW - I removed all effects off everything - just the raw files - wanted to give you maximum creative potential,
and not be locked into what I did. :-)

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Hi Angus,

I am downloading it now...

Do you have a mix for us to listen to here? that seems to be the standard post,
when offering a song to remix.

I'll try to post a mix soon...

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It's below his post. Where a signature would be.
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Like the song. I’ll give it a try.
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BTW - I have purely posted this project for your mixing enjoyment / practice.
I'm not looking for a mix engineer. ;D
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Thank you for sharing!

Great mix by the way, it will be hard to top... :P
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Thanks ericus.  :)
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So no-one wants to play :-(
I'll give it another week or so then delete the files to make room for something else.  :D

I did download them, but have been busy this week... I am opening this now.
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I´ll give this a go some this week! :)
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Lemme start a conversation?

This kinda music, mostly re the vocals and arrangement?

I don't like. (Excellent in it's stylee - I hear enuff I mean it - jes' not mine.)

I'm a thumbinmearse am'cher.

I din't hafta do it, so I don't.

But really, alla you pro's out there, was it a paying job, would ya's?

To clarifry: Do you work on stuff you don' like?

Even here?

(I'm not a pro, jes' a gifted barely competent am'cher, like?

BTW, the song/performance is good.)
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Ok finally got around to this one!
Thx for uploading! nice track was fun to mix ;D
My first time mixing this kind of music, was fun course you can actually experiment a lot with effects... So I went to town! :D
Its not mastered.
Hope you like it!