Indie Artist Needing Someone to Mix a 7 Song Album...Help!

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I'm a solo independent musician from Texas who is in the process of releasing my 3rd album...the first 2 albums i made were mixed & mastered poorly by me but then again i'm really hard on myself when it comes to that…and with this album especially there is no way i could Mix this properly...its too much and i need help.

I am looking for someone who can Mix my 7 song album. (mastering would be a plus but really its totally not necessary only if you feel like you would really want to for free i couldn't pay you for that)

I have 1 of 7 songs done and am still in the process of recording vocals (is the last thing needed for the 6 songs left)
I will send these other 6 as soon as each one of them is done. I also work part time so its usually when i get off of work...this is when i record and work on music…etc I am looking to release this album on/around Tuesday Dec 20th 2011

Also I would expect to be conversing with you on each song preferably through Skype or Facebook or Email just so i can give you an understanding of what i'm hearing in the mix. Also I would like to state that if everything goes great which i think it would:) I will totally look to you for all my upcoming releases in the it would be a yearly thing…personally tho, i sleep dream think music on a daily basis its become an obsession brewing over the past 7 years i've been playing, so i'm definitley in this for the long haul:)

I think this could be very important to add but i listened to a lot of Radiohead's "Kid A" Deerhunter's "Microcastle" Prince's "1999" David Bowie's "Low" and Smashing Pumpkins "Melon Collie and The Infinite Sadness" while making the music for this album…i hope this gives you a better understanding of what i'm going for

I am looking to pay $50 for each song through Paypal thats a total of $350 for the 7 songs...some of them are longer than others but they all fall between the 4 min to 8 min a song (i was listening to a lot of David Bowie's "Low")

I would like to pay u more but currently this year especially i can't afford to (life of a musician) I will however help you any way i can in the future and praise your name for the rest of my life:) and of course your name will be in the album credits when its released.

please let me know what *exactly* (directions would be great) you need me to provide you with to mix this song; music stems, upload to dropbox, link etc…(also i use Logic Pro 9 to track everything)

i'm really looking for someone to put as much time effort and heart as i put into making these songs…i know i'm not paying very much but its all i can afford...Please I encourage you to take this job because you like the Music and feel like you can Contribute to it as well:)

thanks again to all of you for reading this post and listening is a wonderful thing//thank you too:)

also contact me if you need anymore clarification or have some questions also
if you have any work that you previously done i would like to hear it:)

i uploaded to because its too large for "attachment size" but you can stream it directly from there

This is an 320kb mp3 of the song it is the last song for the album and its called "505"

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Sent you a PM. :)
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I also sent you a PM.
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WOW that was super fast I just accepted projectelroy to do the mixing & mastering for this project:)

Thank you your making music happen:)
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Ah for fucks sake, I was in Paris when this posted, would've been well up for it.  (is in a Y DO I HAZ NO WERK TO DO :'( kinda mood )
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..........Bloody Hell! I just joined this forum and missed this!  Kudos to samusRARA ! "505" is an excellent sounding track! I would love ot hear the remainder of the project finished or unfinished! Great musicianship!  :)
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If you still need help let me know... I am a logic 9 user.. and a multi-instrumentalist, and know all the tools well... I'll treat your art right....send me a message referencing your subject, and tell me what your goals are for this project and I'll send you links so you can hear my work...
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Thanks everyone for your interest!

Sam Sterk aka "projectelroy" is currently working on the mixing of this album we've got 2 songs completed and 5 songs to go!

He is doing a fantastic job on the mixing! Everything he's sending me sounds great!

I'll definitely post the finished album as soon as its done so everyone can check it out thank you again for all your interest:)
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Hi, im Harry (Record/mix/master engineer). If you have a time, come to visit my site and take a look at my work, sorry for my english, thx..  :)
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check out the finished album here