Little Girl

Right, this track was put together unbelievably lazily. The guitars are DI's with distortion and reverb printed, the bass is DI'd too. Also, and this is awful, I didn't want to detune my guitars to drop-C, so I pitch-shifted them... The piano, strings and drums are all MIDI'd, so I've included a print and the original MIDI (the verse drums are mistakenly labelled 'Kick'). The lead vocals are myself singing, so they're pretty awful too.

I just wanted to see what people more skilled than myself could do with this mess. It's just for fun, so don't spend hours on it :)

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What's the BPM?
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Sorry, forgot about that!

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Ok it's not perfect or anything, but here you are.

Don't go hating on your voice, because you have your own thing going on there. You didn't double track the guitars did you? It seemed mono to me panned wide, so I just put a delay on the 2nd track. I tell you what man, with some multi drum tracks and just a little more work put into tracking the guitars, I think I could give you a pretty rad mix on this one.
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Haha, I'll redo the guitars if I have time, but the drums aren't gonna happen - I have literally no mics! D:

I feel pretty harsh doing a critique, but I suppose that's what the site is about (all the banners keep urging me to!). I've tried to ignore anything that is definitely my fault for the way it was recorded (backing vocals, CH 2, why didn't I just record those first two notes?!).

I really liked the vocal delay in verses when things were all in, but at other times it seemed a bit exposed. Also, I noticed this on my mix as well, vocals are a tad harsh in the verses. The middle 8 vocals EQ was brilliant, but it was a bit loud at that point.
The bass in the choruses was a little overpowering, but the overall effect was very good. The vocals fit together a lot better than in my mix!

Thanks splendiforous!
No problem. Feel free to critique as harsh as you'd like, btw. After just a couple hours on this one, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Little things here and there could definitely be i... (read more)
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I had a very little time, but i want to work on Your music. The idea is great and it sounds good.

Here is my version, i hope You'll like it.
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Hallo there i am new here

in order to improve my mixing skill i luckily found this board :D

I gave this song a shot as i really like it. So here we go

James please don't be mad at me. I've redone most of the guitars and the bass ;D
really tried to use your guitar tracks but they sounded so arkward that i gave up. Same with  the bass guitar. I only used your clean guitar parts and the lead guitar. the distrorted guitars were pretty harsh and had alot of lowend especially with the palm muted notes. You mentioned that your rythm guitars were pitch shifted. They sounded really detuned wich i couldn't fix.

one question. i have recognised that a lot of mixdowns here are fairly overcompressed. Is this don't by soundcloud or are they overcompressed?
I have heard this on other boards too.

I know that many web pages that host music use compression for the preview to even the lou... (read more)
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Hi novikthewise - the guitars sound so much better! (why would I be cross? ) any chance you could upload them somewhere?

I think overall, you need to make a bit more thought with the ambience. Mine was deliberately overdone, especially the drums - I initially took the verb right back, but I got told off! But even without trying to use it creatively, I think a plate or hall send to most tracks could glue everything together a bit more, especially on the MIDI tracks, just to make them sound a bit more natural.
Apart from that, the guit solo you put in at the end (maybe a tad more virtuosic than I had in mind :P) probably needs squashing a bit, just to make sure all the notes in the the runs come across properly. I liked the idea with the female vocals at the end, good job, doesn't sound too processed!

Freejack you need to work on your balance - vocals and cello too far forward,  no backing vocals? Also, the drums seem to be in a different room from the rest. I ha... (read more)
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Also, completely forgot! novikthewise, you need to fade out that noise at the end :)

Thanks guys for having a go!
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completely forgot to erase the noise  :o

After listening to my mix with fresh ears you are right about the reverb. Could be a bit more. it often is difficult to get the right reverb and the right amount. But  Keep in mind that a mixdown usually does not use sum compression or loudness maximizing. This should be part of the pre-mastering. All the dynamic changes in the mastering stage can raise the reverb to a significantly higher amount. So its better to use a bit less reverb than you feel would be right.

I added room reverb to every track. Plate was used on the vocals, the snare, the toms. i used a convolution reverb on the piano and strings with a response file of a wodden church.  

I also had alot of trouble getting the female voice into the mix. thats why i decided to add a second voice wich i did with variAudio.
yeah the second solo.......  ;D. Well it was just improvised and not composed. If it is too virtuosic i can try to strip it down. ;D. I... (read more)
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I really doubt it... It was done a fair while ago, but I'll have a root around. It was only the rhythm guitar that was pitch shifted, but I think all the distortion and stuff was printed durin the first recording, I don't think I got a clean DI (foolish!)

I think I used a hall with a long decay but mixed in fairly low, with plate automated on the vocals. Probably a room on the drum bus too.

Damn I miss vari audio! I'm on Pro Tools 8 which is great for most things, but at school they had Cubase 5 - that is the one thing I found properly useful that I don't have (without spending money on melodyne...)