Let You Go - MixOff

This is a song I produced and mixed sometime last year. The name of the artist is Emi https://www.facebook.com/emihart?fref=ts.

The song won her Song of the Year for some contest. Hope you guys have fun with this one...

Session Files: https: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8lafk1mgi6vsww/LET%20YOU%20GO.rar?dl=0

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Nice song! Thank you very much!
Nice, will tackle this when I get a chance.
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Did you program the drums on this aswell!? sounds like the Is this love kindaish drums sound.
Ace recording as allways Mattski 8) 8)
Yes I programmed and played everything except the guitars. The drums are from a Toontrack Drumkit. Is this Love was the Modern Drums kit from NI. In production of this song I was having a tough tim... (read more)
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Great one, thanks! Will take a shot at it as soon as I have the time.
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My UPDATED mix. Great song, great production and tracking as well! Let me know what you think.

I liked the use of the vocal delay on the tails of a few lines, but thought it appeared to be random in that I expected to hear it on a regular basis- last verse lines, for example, but that could ... (read more)
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Really nice song and quality production, Mattski. :)

Here you go => http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2046734/Emi-Let_You_Go.mp3
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Here's my take... This thing nearly mixed itself... great recordings on this one... comments welcome.. I'm working on my craft..
Sounds good. I think the vocal would have benefit from a more fierce automation, as different spots come in a bit sharp. On the whole it could have been a couple db softer. I'm all for a loud vocal... (read more)
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First of all: Great songwriting and a first-class vocalist! Love her voice, timing, intonation, phrasing, everything.

Here's the mix critique:

Great mix, only critique I have is a little overabundance of midrange on the vocal that could be under control a little better.

Very nice mix, too. Some minor midrange clashes remain,  but that's the greatest challenge with the very busy multitrack (e.g. guitar, synths, vocals all hitting the same basic note sometimes).  Vocals could be slightly clearer for my taste.

Lot's of great good aspects there, too. Especially like the way the strings and synths come over as a wall-of-sound from the sides. Mix needs more control on the vocal, generally more EQ in the midrange on several tracks including guitars and vocal, there's too much and too muddy bass from the kickdrums.

Some interesting creative twists here (snare drum panned). Agree with BCQC, vocals a... (read more)
I think overall it's a really nice mix. Interesting what you did with the vocal hook toward the end. Agree about todeswalzer regarding kick drum. Vocals seem at a pleasant level IMO. Would have lik... (read more)
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@Living sounds: 
Great mix:D
Should have used a little de-essing, aye.
Would like to hear a mix with a tad lower lower vocals on the verse.
In my ears the kick got a little to much around the 4k are to be popish ;)
Other than that....only good words to say:D

Wanna get done with my mix too, but comp crashed when i was mixing it and it woke up with 2/3 of the ram gone -.-
ordered new, but have to wait =/
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Thanks guys, agree with everything you said! Listened to the mix really loud on the mains for the first time, and the kick thing was pretty obvious then, somehow missed it before.

I didn't do anything special with the vocal hook toward the end, throughout the song there's some EQ on the "dah-dah"-hook to make it more midrangy, and then it goes to an EQ and compressor with the rest of the vocal bus, then some more EQ. Also, at all times the whole vocal bus is sent to a rhytmic multitap delay with a sidechain compressor behind it to pull it down while the vocal is playing (TC pioneered this as an all-in-one-solution in their delay rack units many years ago, and it works really well).

Anyway, fixed the problems and did some minor tweaks, I'll call it finished now:


PS:todeswalzer, good luck with your computer! Had some glitches with mine this morning and found a trojan today, got my fingers crossed it's gone for good.
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Ok did a mix of this today!
Wanna say thx to Mattski for providing top notch productions! for us to bucher! :D
Tryed to keep this "Close" while still having it open!?... if that makes sence!?  ???
Anyway the acc gtrs really spoke to me along with the strings. So thats where the mix was "born/spawned" from.
Had a blast mixing this, again thx Mattski :)

Hope you like it

Let you go