We Dem People - MixOff

This track is from some friends of mine. The groups name is Hot Rain and they're the most talented Reggae Band in Hawaii. This is the first track off their debut album. It's being released in November and their label gave me the go ahead to share this song here before it's release.

I didn't take part in any of the production or recording for this track, I only mixed it. Originally there was 24 vocal tracks and 16 horn tracks. I grouped them so they're a little more manageable.

FYI the drums need allot of work, in my session I had to do major EQing to get allot of the overtone ringing out. To me that still wasn't enough so I did allot more work to get them siting right with everything else.

Hope you guys enjoy this!

Song: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/1238906778/7dd9138e35e178ea1a4eee305efb4d73

Session Files: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/1238874892/705bd433b08148c1117e1762eafa05b7

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Shit! Mattskis on Fire! ;D Thx a lot man! :)
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I obviously didn't spend as much time as the OP probably did, but I had some fun tooling around with it. I will say I disagree with the OP. The ring in the snare is not a bad thing, it's Reggae! Here's my go:

The snare sounds really good :) The piano is quite prominent in the mix. There's also a certain resonating frequency in it that's biting through which one
would need to notch out (around 700 H... (read more)
Yeah this was the utmost in fast mixes. I think I spent 6 passes on this one. I was manly interested in doing this after hearing the OP. I knew that snare would sound super nice through an api 525.... (read more)
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Thanks Mattskis for uploading this cool song!

I will give it a try. :o

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Ok did a mix of this today!
Thx for uploading Mattski! great piece of music!. Where was it recorded!? if you didnt?
Anyway Bass was the thing that got me started on this one, along with the gtrs. So It all most mixed itself....
:o Damn :-X this band is tight! :D
Had a lot of fun mixing this! thx for uploading! ;D

Hope you like it
We dem people
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damn your mix is awesome morten :o

nothing to complain about. everything is cristal clear audible. great job man!!!
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:o Whoa Thank you very much! :)
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Just downloaded the files but I am having problems with 'tom 2' It is saying it is 'can not be expanded'. Anyone else had this problem? How can i get round this.... I would like to have the file and not have to rely on overheads.

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Did you try to redownload!? Mine didnt have any problems.... otherwise I upload it later for ya when I get home from work in a few hours!.
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Great mix! great balances. nice and solid. :)
Hey thanks.

It's so weird listening to other mixes. It's like listening to different songs sometimes. For instance, your mix doesn't have the usual reggae delay on the vocals, but reverb. ... (read more)
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Just re-downloaded and I am good now. Thanks