Guitar phase issues really delay? Facade and Blood to Bone

I have been trying to understand the phase issues and it wasn't until I saw Spede's post with the track pictures that it made sense.  Some of the guitar feeds/tracks are delayed from the one getting sound first.  If you line them up it seems to me that the issue is fixed because the gap is not so great that actual significant phase issues occur?  As such this as JohnSuitecase said is a comb filter issue. The reason I was confused was because to me a phase issue is one where the sources are coincident in time but out of phase. Like top and bottom snare mic set up.

As such isn't this all fixed by lining up the feeds to the first one (s) that get sound?  

I sent  a message to Mike asking the same questions because as far as I can see he didn't move the tracks in his article(?) So I am still confused.

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well if you have two tracks containing the same than they will be align 100% in phase if they are coincident. Two identical tracks can only be out of phase if the are not time aligned.
I understand they become out of phase but if playing a repetitive part they could be delayed enough to get back in phase.  So it seems to me it is worthwhile to understand if the phase issue is due... (read more)
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of course its not. Phase shifts are even one of the essential things for stereo width.