Tania Nederway - Favrite - have a go at this one :-)

Hi gang
Here is a contemporary country song you can have some fun mixing.
Artist is Tania Nederway - song is Favrite.
75 bpm 6/8 time.
Features male & female lead vocals plus Fiddle & Mandolin.
Double tracked Acc, 2 x Elec's, Bass & Drums.
Lot's of BV's too.
This has been finished & released so this is purely for you to 'play' with.
Not looking for a mix engineer.   :D
The drum tracking was done up at Heliport Studios, Buderim, Qld, Aust.

There is an M/S pair (3 channels) on room.
Cardoid ch goes up the centre.
Fig 8 L & Fig 8 R Ph rev go hard left & right with the R ch phase reversed.
Then adjust the balance between the centre and the sides (3 ch's in all) to adjust stereo width etc.
If you don't set it up like that it won't make sense.

Keen to hear what you do with it.  ;)
Feel free to add elements, change whatever you want, etc.
785 MB download - sorry - all live instruments. (54 tracks)


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This looks fun.

I'll have a go at this one later...
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Is there anybody out there who saved raw files and can re-upload them.
That would be so nice. :D ;)
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I mixed this a long time ago and love the song.  Great tracks.  I just listened to the mix I did and thought it could be way better, so I thought for fun I'd remix it with some new toys in the studio.  Here's the remix:

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Yeah, is there anyway to re-post the raw tracks? I'm getting nothing but 404's here.
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Here's my hack attempt at mixing this.
Give me your best or worst as the case may be.
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i want to take a stab at this but the tracks are no longer available. can you re upload them?
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Can anyone re post the tracks? I have a large DB account so I can host for a while for people late to the party - Like Me!
This site looks awesome - too bad there aren't more projects up in the country section.
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My mix  :)


+edit: Dropbox link added
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Hi imispgh

Thanks, just checked your mix. I like your mix too! :)

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Nice mix Studio Cat