Tania Nederway - Favrite - have a go at this one :-)

Hi gang
Here is a contemporary country song you can have some fun mixing.
Artist is Tania Nederway - song is Favrite.
75 bpm 6/8 time.
Features male & female lead vocals plus Fiddle & Mandolin.
Double tracked Acc, 2 x Elec's, Bass & Drums.
Lot's of BV's too.
This has been finished & released so this is purely for you to 'play' with.
Not looking for a mix engineer.   :D
The drum tracking was done up at Heliport Studios, Buderim, Qld, Aust.

There is an M/S pair (3 channels) on room.
Cardoid ch goes up the centre.
Fig 8 L & Fig 8 R Ph rev go hard left & right with the R ch phase reversed.
Then adjust the balance between the centre and the sides (3 ch's in all) to adjust stereo width etc.
If you don't set it up like that it won't make sense.

Keen to hear what you do with it.  ;)
Feel free to add elements, change whatever you want, etc.
785 MB download - sorry - all live instruments. (54 tracks)


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Sweet tune, Angus - beautiful sounding recording - downloading it now - I'll have a go when I get some time.  Thanks for posting!
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Thanks mate - had a lot of fun recording Tania's EP.
She came to me with raw songs and I got to produce her from the ground up complete with arrangements and everyting - very pleasurable.  :P
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Beautiful recording - I'm doing some work on it as we speak - a pleasure to work on.
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Nice share! Thanks.
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When I try to unzip the folder it that it is invalid.
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When I try to unzip the folder it that it is invalid.
Try downloading again - I had no problem with this one, but that's happened to me on others before.
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I had the same problem-When I was unarchiving the .zip file, it got almost to the end, and then crashed. I'm downloading again, so, we'll see...
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Hummmm - that's a bugger when it's such a big file too :-(
Here's the link to my Dropbox Public file again just in case somethings wrong.
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It worked this time. Thanks a lot for the share. I'll post my mix when I'M DONE
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Cool  ;D