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Hi There,

Today we had a great recording session for my friend's cousin's child baptism.
The song is out of the german ev. songbook and is called "Du bist Du" which kinda translates to "you are you" :D

The song is in 155 bpm.

I tracked clean guitartracks through the Players Amp (Line 6 Spider, unfortunately i took no DI) with a Sm57 placed close to the speaker off-axis, aiming to the center, a Brauner Valvet 1" away from the middle in the same distance and a Rode Nt2A with one foot distance to the cabinet.

Semi-Accoustic-Guitar was tracked only with the sm57 left in the same place and with a pair of Rode Nt5 in AB plus the Valvet in front of the guitar.

Both vocals were also recorded through the Valvet with a K&M popkiller.

During the percussion recording we slowly ran out of time, which is, why here was spent less time to mic placement. On the Snare I Used the Rode Nt2A, HiHat and Ride were tracked with a Nt5 directing up from the bottom. To avoid bleed and phasing problems, i decided to record the Perc instruments seperately.

Everything was tracked with no further treatment using a M-Audio Fasttrack ultra 8R (wich is kinda low Price for the valvet, I know ^^) in 44.1kHz with 24 bit.

My first rough mix sounds something like this:

Here are the Files (rar container, 222 mb, personal http-acces ftp-server)

I am looking forward to hear your mixes. Feel free to change, add, remove, rearrange, etc. anything you like.

Have fun,


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Hi Laguna.

Here is my aproach to your recordings.

Made some changes to the instrumentation, too.
Hope you like it.

It will also be nice if you could translate some lyrics of the song so we can get an idea.

Thanks for uploading.

Yes I do! Especially the strings in the beginning are great.

Yep I'm always more or less present in MB.

So Far...
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this song is about that each individual person is wanted, made and loved by God himself, no matter if oneself feels like a bad loser or even if the parents did not "want" this child.

@Laguna: Maybe I'll try a mix in a few weeks - I'm quite busy right now. By the way - you aren't the same Laguna active at musiker-board.de, are you?

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Yes he is ;D

me either ;)