Love and Affection - MixOff

This track is from a group called The Green. They're one of the biggest bands from Hawaii.

The song is on their new album "Ways and Means" which just released and is #1 on Billboard Reggae Charts

I didn't take part in any of the production or recording for this track, I only mixed it. These are the raw files as they were given to me.



Session Files:

Hope you guys enjoy this!

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Thanks!. Btw, nice mix.
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cool song!  8) ... a lot of tracks! lol
i did my best to mix with my headphones (sony mdr 7506) on my small protools le rig... so i had to cut or combine a couple of tracks.
hope you like my mix ;D
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Thank you for posting this excellent song and set of tracks.

My response to the original mix is going to be direct, as I think communicating otherwise would result in minimizing the points or being vague.  My intention here is to be helpful.

IF the Facebook link is a reasonable example of the final mix I think it is disappointing and doesn't do the group or the music justice.  (I checked the Amazon cuts and their production matches). There are a lot of tracks here, with most being beneficial to the song. A lot of work when in to arranging and tracking this song. Whoever did all of that work did a great job. But the mix let's most of that work down.  It sounds as if is being played on a PA system. The song is narrow, there is very little tonal or sound/instrumental separation and it is midrange heavy.

I am not suggesting that my version is without error, is the be all and end all or can't be made better. (I would appreciate feedback on it). However I do th... (read more)
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my point of view :P
I think it's a matter of musical taste and mixing perspective. your mix here is the equivalent of a photo and mattski's mix is more like a painting. most people prefer to listen to the mix equivalent to a painting, because it allows more creativity and allows it to have the illusion of more power (because of all the compression) . audiophiles prefer a mix which is the equivalent of a photo as it as a more pure sound ,more dynamics and is more representative of a natural acoustic performance.
its all a mater of taste...
Sometimes it's hard to delineate a matter of taste, which is subjective and an issue or problem which is Objective. Let's say the mix had all frequencies below 500hz rolled off. I believe everyone ... (read more)
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Peter1: I think your mix sounds fine except that I find the bg vocals somehow a little weird. Maybe they are bit too high on volume and they are somewhat boxy. I always have problems with mid-range on my own mixes too, I think tweaking that area a bit might help.

I came up with this, not a lot of reverbs this time, though I think they suite this style of music well. Just used some on few invidual tracks:
living sounds
Nice one, the best mix IMO. The bouncy dynamics on drums and bass are there and the vocals are sufficiently up front. The other mixes (including the original one) have the vocals too much buried IM... (read more)
I listened through pretty average Sennheiser HD465 headphones. They're not made for mixing but I don't want to annoy my neighbours :)
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kzu:  nice clear mix, nice stereo image, I really like the reverb / delay on the voice. you're right that the bk vx are too strong in my mix , but i think yours lacks a bit of presence  :P  . Apart from that, i think the elec guitar solo is a bit aggressive in the high-mids.

imispgh: i was going to comment your mix, but the link does not work  :(
Sorry - fixed now
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kzu - I really like your mix. Excellent in your face and clear presentation. One small issue maybe be that the opening crescendo gets too loud? I may be a function of some of the instruments being vivid themselves - then they add up to too much?

peter 1 - I agree with kzu especially the volume of the BG vocals. Also is it possible they and maybe the song are compressed too much?
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my opinion for your mix ;D technically, it's a good mix that is clear, dynamic with good spectral balance. The negative points would be the piano that is much too far, and that the nylon guitar is a little too strong, and maybe the main vx could be a little brighter.  personally I'd use more compression globally (I personally like a mix that has punch (ex:hard hitting drums), but with the character of compression(modified dynamic texture) on individual tracks.  :P ...but you're right that in my mix there is a little too much, I think
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Mattski :
good powerful mix with a lot of punch :). The downside is there is too much mids in the mix, especially in the percussions and maybe a little too much in the main vx too :-\
by the way, thanks for sharing the tracks !
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Very peculiar comments by imispgh in my opinion. Been listening to reggae for 20+ years now and I tend to pay particular attention to the way the recording/production values have changed and are changing. So here are my comments based on that little bit of background:

Best mix so far. This is definitely the mix to beat. Your vocal processing was especially good. The way the reverb gave the vocals a sense of space yet focus. Your vocal sits nicely on the rythm bed and the choice of delay + delay time was exquisite, IMO. Very professional sounding. The instruments sound very smooth and punchy too. This one's ready for the radio. Very shocked that this mix was done on headphones. That's just amazing...

You're a pro. I've heard your work before. This was a good mix, IMO. The way you processed the tracks fits nicely with the way this style of reggae is working on the radio nowadays. Everything had it's own space and sounds smooth. Kick and ... (read more)
Thank you for listening and commenting

First - I like kzu's production as well. A different treatment but surely a good one.

My comment on the midrange was the opposite.  My opini... (read more)