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Hi Guys,

Just got permissions to post this unreleased version of the new tune Thing going On by Reggae artist "Teacha" Barnes. Teacha's highly anticipated upcoming album "Different" will be released sometime in early 2012.

About the Track:
This is a true East Coast/West Coast collaboration made possible by the "Interwebs"  ;D. The track was produced, performed and recorded by me here on the West Coast with collaborative male vocal production being done on the East Coast by "Dreadstone Productions".

In other words, while I was in charge of the music production and recording of the female BGV's, Dreadstone Productions worked with the artist on the East Coast, sending me "pre-mixed" vocal stems of all male vocals to incorporate into the track. Please note; I did include the individual "Dry" multitrack vocals for you in this download though...

All instrument parts were played by me except for saxaphone parts which were performed by renown Jazz saxaphonist, vocalist and band leader of the Howell Quintet, Richard C. Howell.

The track has not been sent for mixing yet but we are not seeking a mixing engineer at this time. I'm posting these tracks purely for your enjoyment as well as to see what you guys come up with. So feel free to take any and all liberties with this tune but most of all "Have Fun!".

Here is my ruffmix:

...And here are the Multitracks:

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I did a mix of this today!.
Its a little bit rushed, course I did it at work, kinda "inbetween rush hours".
So if its sounds like, not what I use to do. Its course its mixed on an SSLC200 with outboard and on genelec monitors which im not use to!.
There should have been some more automation but I simply didnt have the time.

But I hope you like it
Thing going on
Funny Cat
Hi MortenDK

Good to see someone was willing to give this a try besides me, lol. Listening to your mix, there was something a little strange going on with the frequencies. Maybe they w... (read more)
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So, no more "takers" on this track? I'm surprised, lol. I guess I can deduce either one of two things:

1. Either the production is sooooooo good, no one thinks they can make it any better with their own mix?


2. The production is soooooooo aweful, no one wants to touch it?  ;D
Juerg Hurter
I will give it a try, but will take some time...  ::)
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Did this pretty quickly so probably a few things that will annoy me later, but here goes:

MortenDK: I have to agree with Class Act, there is something missing in the midrange. Maybe it was the weird listening environment that you mentioned.
Love the balance but please turn up the vocals, and lower a db or two on the shaker with a shelf eq @ 5.5khz
We should trade tips .
How do set up ur ex return in the instruments that's pan ... (read more)
Thank you for your comments. I'm not sure if I understand correctly but you mean my aux sends? I just send the tracks in Reaper normally to any reverb or delay I want to use and set the send levels... (read more)
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Here's my take on it
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Hi's some feedback on the mixes:


Hey KZU, good mix as usual. I feel you have a very good listening environment and an extremely good grasp on balance, processing and the use of reverb. I have to say, I like all your mixes that I've heard so far in all the different genres (that I have listened to).

That being said, I'm going to nitpick a little because but keep in mind this is just preferential stuff I'm mentioning and in no way is meant to knock your mix because I thought it was really, really good overall.

a. I could hear the compression working a little in your mix which I like for Rock but not necessarily for more organic forms of music like reggae.

b. The delay on the vocal was a tad bit distracting. I think if you shortened the timing on it, it would be a lot better.

Hey KZU, I'm only mentioning this stuff because we are all here to get better and while your mix was very, very good I thin... (read more)
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Class Act, thank you for your comments, they're appreciated! You're truly a class act and your contribution is welcome! I think you are right, the vocal delay could use some automation to turn it off at some certain parts. I'm a little lazy to do those things though, if my mixes are not going to be published! I really appreciate your comments and thoughts, nice to hear if you like my mixes, this forum has definitely improved my skills. There are some earlier mixes in here that i'm not too proud anymore, hopefully I feel the same about these new mixes after a while and continue improving :) cheers !
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Hi Class Act

I guess you foregot to solo the "Rhodes Stereo Track", when you bounced it. There are drum fills, strings and other keys on there too... ???

Just to let you know...

Funny Cat
Oooops! My bad!  :o  I'll rebounce the Rhodes "solo'ed" this week and repost the files for anyone else who'd like to take a crack at it. I'll listen to some of the other mixes this week and get bac... (read more)
Thanks I am looking forward to trying this one
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Here's my mix. This was fun to mix once I got into the song's groove.
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Many thanks for sharing these tracks on :D
I made I mix out of this. Please feel free to add comments.
Studio Cat

Here the link:

Some comments on other mixes:

@Class Act
nice mix. I like the drums and bass!
The lead vocals sounds too thin. I would suggest giving a bit more bottom and treble to it. I would have mixed it a bit louder in the mix.
Good choice of Reverb.

I would take back the bass. It is overpowering the rest of the band and vocals. The lead vocals sound a bit thin. Adding a bit bottom would help.
The backing vocals are too "trebly" in relation to the lead vox.
The snapback is IMO a bit too much all the time.

IMO the piano bong is much too loud in the mix, overpowering even the lead vocals.
If you back up that the mix would be super

The backing voca... (read more)
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MortenDK: I have to agree with Class Act, there is something missing in the midrange. Maybe it was the weird listening environment that you mentioned.
this :)

Aside it sounds great here. Sorry, nothing to add.