Post Hardcore/Emo Rock - Worthless by Maine River

This band are from Kent in the UK. This is the start of the 3rd EP I've produced for them.

Tempo: 150BPM

A few things you may want to know
The drums were tracked with a 57 on the snare (top), an AKG C214 and a Rode NT2A as stereo overheads and DDrum Triggers on the toms and kick (this means you HAVE to sample replace them. Sorry if this is something you don't you).

Rhythm guitars were done through an Orange rocker30 with a 2x12 cab and the lead was done through a Blackstar (not sure of the model). We used a combination of Telecasters and Les Pauls for all the parts.

Vocals were tracked through the NT2A with heavy compression on the way in - and they've already been tuned.

Here is the track. The video should be out on Kerrang in the next few weeks. Look out for it!

And finally, the link to the stems. Enjoy.

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I'll give it a shot! Thanks for the practice.
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will give this a shot also, thank you for sharing
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Hey thx for uploading!.
Question, all tracks a bounced as stereo tracks. Which once are stereo and which once are mono recorded!?.
Like is the roomFX 2 mono tracks or Stereo recorded!?. Same goes for gtrs are some of the gtrs stereo or or mono.

Ok Ive listened now and some of the tracks doesnt seem to sync with each other!? cant really tell what tracks are not aligning with each other!?

Cheers Morten
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I just used the feature in Logic that exports all the files as .wavs

They were recorded in mono, however I do believe it bounces them as stereo files.

As for the syncing, they should all be in order :S how have you imported it?

Let me know if anyone else has these problems, and if any logic user knows how to bounce in mono?
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I found this on Gearslutz!
Maybe it works!?

I use Pro Tools so I just imported them and set the tempo.
Sounds like Bass and piano in the start but after the bridge its sounds like the vocals it off aswell!, it just feels weird its not a lot its just enough to me go make hmmm.
I´ll make bounce so you can hear it!.
There you go
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Ahhh I just thought! What sample rate is your project? That can throw it off. Have it set to 44.1khz
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Pro Tools automatically compensate for this!.
But yes its 44.1
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Thanks for sharing this great song!

Unfortunately I'm having timing issues, too. Tempo is set to 150bpm and my sampling rate is set to 44.1 in ProTools.
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Ahh that's rubbish. I realised I bounced the drums with the samples too. I'll try and re-do everything for you guys and re-upload it. Sorry about that.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with timing problems. I was trying to align it all by sight/ear... It was taking forever.
If you dont know the arrangement or is intimate with the song!, as in you are the engineer or producer!. Than its just not gonna happen with a session like this ;D
It sounds very well do... (read more)