The Maiden Fair

(The Maiden Fair)

100 bpm

Maiden Fair Guitar and vocal tracks (WAv compressed to APE)

Looking to update this song with new drums,bass,keys or whatever anyone wants to add/audition.

Im looking for a Zeppelin Kasmir type of vibe.


Stairway to heaven the hard rock/old metal version... 8)

If there is any interest I will work on posting stems and a WAV file for tracking.

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Sounds VERY cool!  I'm down, can you post stems of what you have so I can play with drums and bass?
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I may have to post APE files.

Free dropbox account has a 300 MB limit...theses files are over 800 MB.

If I post APE's you can easily uncompress using monkeys audio.

its a small download... 1.0 MB
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Sounbds like a plan
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Here are the guitar and vocal tracks...100 bpm

Monkeys audio has a menu top arrow to change to compress or uncompress.

I drag and drop files right into Monkeys audio