Matt Bayles produced song from "Freund Hein" for MixOff

Hey guys,

I wanted to start my first post with a special mix off. Those are the raw files of the song "Bourbon Time" from my band "Freund Hein" (Austria). We did something special for this CD, because we hired Mr. Matt Bayles who - you might know - produced Mastodon and Isis among others. He came to my studio here in Austria and we recorded the whole album here and mixed it in Seattle. With his permission i post the multitrack files for you to have fun with!

Here is the link to the finished song (+video)


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I've always had problems mixing metal and heavy music. This time I think however I did the best mix in that genre that i've done. I like the original mix, sounds very raw. I have a little different feeling in my mix. Here it is: I killed the snare with limiting :) Could do with a little less.
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@kzu: Not bad at all. Think your oh´s and/or hat´s are to loud. BTW what drum samples did you use?

Here´s my stab. Also posted on Sneap-Forum.
Thanks! I think your mix is very nice, more open than mine. Not much to complain about :) I always tend to do my heavy and metal mixes too bass heavy and suck the energy out of them, I think i fell... (read more)
First thing that is immediately striking me is the strident organ. Usually people are removing the high end out of them instead boosting it. You should check the organ
track with a real time sp... (read more)
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Nice track, mnentwich :)

Here you go =>

Good Luck with the band! :)
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Thanks for the tracks. They were great.
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Tony Pizza: Overall good mix, the drums are good, although I would like to hear some more of the room mic's to give them a more live feeling.

And it's only a taste thing, but the parts where the organ holds it's notes, I wish that was quite a bit quieter.

BCQC: Very raw sounding mix, I think that the kick would really come out more if you added a high end boost to it.

Japancakes: I like the overall blend of your mix, but I find the vocals too buried.

Pretty fun song to mix, other than the clip by the end of the vocal track, no editing necessary!
I kindly disagree. This is metal, not pop. All my favorite metal artists from Megadeth to Mastodon to Metallica to Meshuggah (wow lots of Ms!!!) make me look inside their booklets for the lyrics. M... (read more)
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Haven't had time to do a proper mix yet. But today I had time for a quick demo of Toontrack's new EZMIX 2 -plugin. The time in the demo is limited to 15 minutes and after I completed my mix I still had couple minutes remaining. For guitars and bass I used DIs and EZMix' own preset amplifiers. For ALL the drum tracks and other tracks I had only EZMix with single preset, nothing else. Also in master bus I had EZMIX' master preset. No drum samples used.

I must say I'm pretty damn impressed by the plugin. For people that need to do quick demos and don't know anything about mixing it will be great! Not sure if these kinds of new plugins are good for the audio industry though..  :-\ Think about 10 ahead.. What kind of magic plugins are still to come  :P

When I have time I'm going to post my proper mix.
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Ok did a mix of this today!.
Great recording Thx for uploading!! :)
So no samples used, and I used sans amp for the DIs alongside with the amped gtrs.
Pretty straight forward mix no biggys.
I´ll be back with feedback l8r when I have some more time.

Hope you like it
Bourbon time MortenDK mix2

Did e few changes to the mix so heres a new mix2
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hello everyone 
thank you mnentwich for the quality tracks!!

it is easier to maintain clarity and punch mixing at healthier levels... that i prefer haha!  but in this style very hot levels seem to be the standard approach .  so i tried a new way (for me) to mixing, to get it as loud as possible while trying to maintain some form of punch 
first, all the tracks are processed in a standard way, then i bused all the tracks of the mix in a st group (except the vx), that i compressed and limited aggressively, that is afterwards assigned in the master bus. in parallel, in a aux send, i sended the kik, snr and toms straight in to the master bus (**that as no plugins inserted**) and cliped them to get more volume and punch. the vocals are the only tracks assigned directly to the master bus (when bused in the st group, the whole mix would pump in a way that did not work), the mix could have been even louder, but since some elements of the mix are subject to clipping the ma... (read more)
So far my favorite mix. well balanced, punchy but still with balls.
My only gripes where little things like the early roll out. But thats no big deal.

Im working my way through post by... (read more)
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Here's my mix. No drum samples used unless you count the reverse cymbal & kick sample at 0:10 :)
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By the way, does the chorus actually say: "It's valentine! / Time to die!"? ;D