10 track album needs mixing - Pop Punk/Rock


Im looking for someone to mix a 10 track album,

The genre is pop punk/rock a mix of http://youtu.be/A65HqshBaHs & http://youtu.be/KHy8hX1lHIU (Please note that we are aiming for a similar quality of mix to the tracks in the videos, so if your currently not at that level please don't respond)

If this is something your interested in please could you email a link to some of your work, a quote to mix the 10 tracks and your availability to lewispaulwhite@gmail.com or leave a comment below,

Thank you very much and i look forward to hearing from you

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Hi, sent you an email. Feel free to listen to my previous posts on here.

Thanks, Charlie
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Hi!  I'd be interested in working with you on this.  Samples and rates can be found at www.lonelylamprecords.com
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Hi! Just sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon.

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I just sent you an email! I wasn't sure if you were still in need of a mix engineer.
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If you are still looking please consider me.

Showreel to be found at http://www.peterjuulkristensen.com

I am currently working on a pop/punk/rock thing that, once it's finished I would be more than happy to have you listen to as well.

Kind Regards

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I am interested in mixing your project. Contact me if your interested.


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Hi! I'm so interested to mix this songs! I love pop punk music and i work with differetnt bands! send me an email if you like hear my other works and be produced by me! (sorry for my bad english, i'm from italy)

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This was a year ago!  ;)
You never know. Maybe they found a delorian hidden in a garage somewhere.... ;-)
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Great Scott!  ;D