August - 49 Tracks- Alternative Rock/Pop - Drums, Bass Gtrs, Keys, Vox,....

Not entirely sure if this qualifies as a rock-ballad or pop song or whatever... but here it is.

Many elements and instruments. Hope you have as much fun mixing this as I had  ;D
Everything is already edited, you may jump right in.

A snippet of the mix:

The whole song:

The raw tracks:!4FxxQbAZ!GqfvEffXkRkGQcSN2yGGRov9f8f0zKC6HSI3G0ZHCzI


Tempo: 100 bpm
Timesig: 4/4 (Bridge is 5/4 - 4/4 alternating)

I'm really looking forward to what you guys do with this an how you approach it!

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I guess I'm the first one.  ;D

Really really cool song. I just love mixing this kind of music. Thanks a lot for sharing the tracks!

Here's my mix:
Nice! I like how the acoustic guitars cut through in the choruses and the solo section. I find them a little too thin during the verses though - but I guess that is a matter of taste. Kick and snar... (read more)
Thanks! Yeah maybe the acoustic gtrs are little too thin. But I don't also want them to dominate the low end. Of course I could use automation. :)

Kick is 100% sample replaced since I did... (read more)
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Really nice song! I really enjoyed this one even though this kind of music isn't usually my cup of tea. there's something about the lead singers voice that I really like, they deserve to be recorded properly :)

Psychemic: Well, good job once again! Mixing after Psychemic has the good thing that you can immediately point out flaws in your own mix after listening to Psychemic's. My drums are obviously weak compared to yours and lead vox are distant in my mix. My only complaint is that the snare in your mix kinda sounds like the snare from Metallica's Black album to my ear and that necessarily is not a good thing in this kind of music, but that's just my opinion and your mix is obviously well done and you can hear everything and the drums have punch that mine lacks.

Had some serious problems with lead vox. Didn't use any reverbs or samples on drums, maybe I should have to make them a little bigger and more behind... My mix here:
Thanks a lot for the comment!

I listened your mix and I really liked what I heard. You could maybe cut more lows from all the other instruments (maybe excluding the bass guitar) so the mix... (read more)
Thanks! Yes, that reverb on vocals is too much, but I just couldn't get it sound right after having to cut very much from it. There was some really annoying frequencies to my ear. Your mix sounds v... (read more)
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Cool, just listened to the first 30 seconds or so, sounds nice. I'll take a stab at this later on!
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Great song! My mix sounds like crap right now.
Mixed version:
Mastered version:
Well... it sounds like its played back in the next room.... You might wanna ditch the reverbs and get the level/frequency balance happening first and then wet things a little.
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From what i've heard in everybody's mixes, i've liked what i heard. I liked the song too which is a plus when it comes to mixing for me.

Gave this song a stab at mixing.

that should be the link to see mix:)
I'm glad you like the song  :D
What I noticed is that your overheads/percussion are wildly pumping and varying in volume... Did you maybe go overboard with drum group compression? I think the m... (read more)
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Lol..... yes, yes i did go overboard haha. I just love drum compression. This was parallel drum compression.:p

Something this song didn't really need
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After I heard all these great mixes, I wanted to try it for myself. So here's my version of the song. I didn't use the vocaltracks, because I found it really hard to mix them in the mix. I also used samples for the kick and snare, because i couldn't get the sound where I was going for.

Mix :
Hi! Thanks for taking a stab at the song  ;D
Your right about the vocal tracks, they don't fit in easily... I guess I just made the wrong mic choice.

Sorry, but your mix seems rather u... (read more)
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140dBSPL, such a great song! Thank you for sharing.

Also think that Psychemic did a good job with his mix!

Heard that excess of highs in the mix is a kind of so-called soviet-style mixing. :)
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My goal for this mix was a combination between an indy/pop feel/tone, the vocals were obviously not the best on the leads, but I left her in because she has an innocent tone to her voice similar to Lisa Loeb and others along those lines. I thought the BGVs were great!

Reverb: I wanted a heavenly feel due to the pads, so I used a bit of verb for my busses tailoring each to a specific space.

Vox: VComp evened her vocals out and made her a bit beefier thus causing her to fit a bit better in the track.

Could I have automated the pads at the end? Sure, but they were one of my favorite elements of the song.

Master procesing: SSL bus to add extra weight and pop to certain elements and Massey Tape Head for mojo in bright mode.
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