August - 49 Tracks- Alternative Rock/Pop - Drums, Bass Gtrs, Keys, Vox,....

Not entirely sure if this qualifies as a rock-ballad or pop song or whatever... but here it is.

Many elements and instruments. Hope you have as much fun mixing this as I had  ;D
Everything is already edited, you may jump right in.

A snippet of the mix:

The whole song:

The raw tracks:!4FxxQbAZ!GqfvEffXkRkGQcSN2yGGRov9f8f0zKC6HSI3G0ZHCzI


Tempo: 100 bpm
Timesig: 4/4 (Bridge is 5/4 - 4/4 alternating)

I'm really looking forward to what you guys do with this an how you approach it!

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My mix here :

I had some difficuties to identify the larsen.....
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Great song! Here is my Mix of it!
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Here's my mix. hope you like it.
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Here's my take on it, had fun with this overall well-tracked song.
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Did a version of this one quite a while ago just never posted it
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I like so much the song
and the production is awesome in my humble opinion
here is my mix
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You guys have some pretty great tone, sorry if my mix sucks, this is the first recording I've done

Maybe I'll stick to live engineering..
Hey gabrieltackitt

I think there is some still work to be done on this mix. Especially withe balances and EQ.
For example, in the verses the pads are very loud and in the chorus the cr... (read more)
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Awesome Tones Thanks
Hey gmoon125. Really good mix! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this!
This is a nice mix. I like it.
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thx for the feedback. tried out some new compressors (the free antress-collection) in this mix, so i personally think i over-used them, especially on the vocals. in the end i lost my patience and slammed a guitar-amp on the main vox instead of starting over... could have been better indeed. maybe i'll give it another go later. thanks for the tracks.
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@loupi There is a lot of control in your mix, both level and frequency-wise. Everything pretty much stays in it's place. That's a good thing. I might have balanced and EQ'ed things differently but that's beside the point. What does irritate me a little though is the vocals. I know they are hard to get right (wrong mic for the singer), but they are very scooped. I think a more balanced spectrum (especially around the mids) would make them sit better, more present and more natural.