Karaoke mix- Don't wait anymore (Greek)

Hi everyone.

I just want your help for something.
It's been a long time since me and my father are recording karaoke songs in home and try to mix the vocal.
That has its own difficulties if you haven't try it, because you only have the vocal track, and a stereo track with the music.

So i upload here a recording of a song it is translated "Don't wait anymore"
I hope you like oriental rythms.

If anyone wants to give a try, i ll be very glad if he 'll also tell me what exactly processing he used, and what effects.
(Espesially the settings of the EQ, reverb, compressor, saturation etc)

Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the music track

and the vocal

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Hi Dimitris

I had a try this evening. It goes to the direction i'd like to hear that tune ... Vocals not perfectly in the details, i never done that to a fullmixed track, which i did not touch! Great Mix. A bit to loud and frontal to my personal pleasure.

What do you think of the direction?


I love the oriental rythms!

Greetings Manolo
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Hi Manolo.

Thanks for working on this.

This is a new direction for me.
We 've used to mix it with a much brighter approach, and much closer to the original recordings.

But your technique is very nice, because you achieved to give the vocals a strong pressence in the mix.
It sounds like it is higly compressed, something not familiar for my ears.

So, what kind of tools did you use? (and wich ones if you don't mind)
Is the ratio of compression very high?
Did you use some dramatic EQ boost on the vocals?
Any saturation or exciter plugin?

And i think you pushed it with something on the master bus, right.
Is it compressor or limiter?

Thanks again for sharing your your time, really appreciate it.
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Dimitris, i have to correct myself ... the instrumental sounds amazing! I had a few listens with friends yesterday and we were excited.

You are right because of the compression. I did to much. The volumes of the vocal do vary quite often within the dense Instrumental. I choosed the lazy way with compression up to 10db and lost view on the overall feeling of the song. I am sorry for that. Will try another version with less compression and volume automatisation.

I used the following sfx-chain:

- ToneBoosters Gate (to cut the vocal)
- UAD LA2A (to get volume with max of 1dB of compressoin)
- ToneBoosters DeEsser (just a light deesing of the tops ... they pop here and then, but i think it is more due the greek-ish :) I woule leave it like that)
- Voxengo Gliss EQ (Dynamic EQ @2.3kHz, big Q and 4.4dB)
- UAD Harrison EQ +2dB @2.8kHz, +3dB@ 7.6kHz
- UAD UA 1176AE (compressing up to 10dB (?) quite fast attack, slow release , Ratio of 2)
- ... (read more)
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Yes , Greek-ish singing needs a lot of deesing.

Nice fx chain, and nice that sharing it.
I see you use almost entirely UAD plugins, so no quality issues about that.

This kind of greek songs, most times have huge amount of reverb on the vocals, especially the slower ones.
They are connected with the greek way of night-life, wich is  "full of reverb".

And off the record, have a listen at some different versions of this song if you want.
Very famous song in Greece as you will understand.


and more..
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Focused on resonance part of Vocal @246 hz ... Did a light correct with Dynamic EQ Voxengo Gliss. I would be interested, how others fix that without losing to much of this region on the whole mix. EQ Automatisation?
Reduced compressing a few DBs, some minor EQ Changes on Vocal on Harrison. More balanced and integer now to me.

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Yes, way better than the previous.
I like it from  the first hearing, nice sound.

Focused on resonance part of Vocal @246 h
What do you mean by that?
Did you use a cut at this frequency?
Is it a problem from the recording?
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Thank you! Glad you like it.

I am not sure if i did the 246hz Problem by myself with processing. On my Headphones it sounds ok. But as i pushed it on my monitors, it was extremly obvious. I dont think it is my room in this range, because good mixed music sounds great in my enviroment.
Will check tomorrow your sourcefile. Could be your room or Microphone, if i did not demolished it :)
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It's pretty difficult to get something to sit in to an already mixed background. Here is my effort: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23688706/dwa.mp3
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Sorry for my late response.

nice and loud mastering.
i think that vocals miss a little brightness on the higher frequencies,
or it might be the lack of reverb on them.
Did you use any compression or volume automation on this?

maybe you have done some nice settings there,
but unfortunately they are disappearing in the reverb. :)
I also tried many times to use a lot of reverb to glue a vocal on the instrumental,
but propably this is not the solution.
It's pretty difficult to get something to sit in to an already mixed background
And i really agree with that.

Thanks both for sharing you time with this.
Thanks, I think it's because I used high shelf EQs while mastering because I thought the treble was a little overbearing. I obviously cut the treble too much :p I put quite a lot of plate reverb on... (read more)