One minute of idiocy

I just found the first track i did converting over to a daw a few years ago and got a laugh out of it.  I had me a pod and sd2.0 so i did a quick thing just to try some of the new toys out.  Just getting into IR's so the guitar tracks need a cab simulation on them.

Since i'm new here i thought i'd contribute something....The Elmo Grind.


An exercise in polishing a turd but someone might get a kick out of it.  Very raw wavs, overgained guitars and pretty much undedited midi drums.  I had no idea what i was doing at the time and haven't got far since.

Take care


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All I can say is wow  ;D ;D ;D

I had a good laugh  :D

My 30 min mix.... didn't even try to make it sound "natural"...
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I cant for the life of me get this one to play.  You know you uploaded a wav file yes?  I'd love to hear it.

140dB..... awesome!
Simon Morrison
Yes - I typically post in WAV format for quality and compatibility purposes.

You will need to download the file first - click the Download button (from the link above).

On a PC, o... (read more)
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Yeah i'm finding out i have much bigger issues going on with the audio on this computer.  The biggest reason i stayed away from daw recording is i didnt want bs like this in my recording rig.  It seems Reaper is the only thing that will play music right now.  Any ideas?

Love the mix!  In the break Elmo started getting all satanic with the pitch thing....awesome.  I should go back and give it another go.
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My try:
Stay metal,
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sinmix, these drums are tasty. What did you use for snare and kick?
Guitar sound is fat too.

140dBSPL, sounds powerful, but overRMSed. :) Some limiting distortion is presented in your mix.
Also I'd like to change the snare, cause this one is a big machinegun. Guitars sound good (not minding the overall distortion).
Yep, your right... I just went for complete and utter destruction... 3dB RMS. It's more like a parody to the genre than a serious mix.  :)
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HIII!!!... this is my mix... sorry if it are tooo bad  :-\ i'm really starting in this of mixing and mastering and i mix whit my headphones ((( :-\ :-\ :'( >:( >:( >:( )

PD: Sorry for my fucking bad english i'm from Argentina....

Cheers Andres
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Ha Ha  ;D What a fun song.

140dBSPL : Again another good mix, just some clipping going on. But you already know that  :)

sinmix : Great mix, all instruments sound really solid.

UrbanMetalSound : Sounds good, but you need to line up the vocals, its like they've gone ahead of the music!!!  :)

So here's my mix, thanks for listening
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sinmix, these drums are tasty. What did you use for snare and kick?
Guitar sound is fat too.
sinmix : Great mix, all instruments sound really solid.
thx !
drums Superior
kick - slate blackkick z1
snare - Superior NY Avatar "Rogers Wood"
guitars - Kefir Asem recto impulses

Stay Metal,