"Cold Cheese" - modern/alternative rock - guitars - drums - synth - fx...

"Cold Cheese" - modern/alternative rock - guitars - drums - synth - fx...

So I had this song lying around and thought you might have some fun with it. It has 60 tracks.

The instrumental mix:


If you don't feel pain, the mix with "vocals" (I don't even wanna talk about it....):


Tempo is 125bpm.

I had to put it in 7zip format, .zip was just not compressed enough for my internet connection. I hope that is ok. If you don't already have it, you can get 7zip for PC here: http://www.7-zip.org/ (I think the newer versions of winrar also unpack 7zip) and for mac here: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/22774/the-unarchiver

The tracks:

Drums, Percussion, Bass




Note: You might not want to use the "helper guitars" or keep them low in the mix, because they don't get along with the vocals and the solo harmonically. Unless of course you automate them or (even better) omit the vocals...

Keys, Synth, FX




Have fun! Can't wait to hear your mixes  ;D ;D

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My Mix (No Congas)  ;D

No congas? How dare you!  ;D ;D ;D Welcome to the forum.

Nice mix! Interresting arrangement in the intro. I really like how the bass, synth bass and the rhythm guitars blend together in th... (read more)
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Hey 140dbSPL

That's a badass song there! Can you tell us more about the band?

I really enjoyed mixing this one

Here's my take
edit - new version in next post
Now to your mix:
When the drums first come in they sound really distant and quiet, but during the song they work. I guess you can wangle this by turning down the percussion in the beginning. Fu... (read more)
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thanx for the answer and the critique 140db!

Few remarks - I did some sidechaining with kick and percussion loops on purpose hence the 'pumping'. I tried to enhance the groove as the drums pretty much remind me of the house groove, maybe to lean on the 'industrial style sound' in the chorus as well. I also balanced percussion very differently than in your mix - I put those higher in volume which is, again a matter of taste in my case.

The overall clarity could be enhanced I agree, but personally I prefer a darker sound

Again, I will check that 'overall pumping' that you noticed, maybe tweaking master bus compressor with the HP...

thnx again for listening and I'll do some additional tweaks for sure

P.S. will check the rest of the songs of the band later - thnx for posting!


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Quirky wee song, fun to mix!  :)  Didn't spend a lot of time with it, and stripped away a lot of the intrumentation.  I was originally not going to use the vox, but I ended up really liking the vocal bleed when I was mixing the drums- the way it kind of crept in and sounded very abstract.  So I tried to mix it almost like it was just a synth or something.  Didn't reeeeally work but the rest of the instrumention sounds pretty fun, the chorus kicks off nicely.  Hope you like it dude!

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Great Song !
My first try headphones mix : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67037385/cold_cheese_sinmix_1.mp3
Monitor mix: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67037385/cold_cheese_sinmix_monitor.mp3
Stay Rock !
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Sup, first post here.

First rough mix, no automation on it, so it's a static rough mix. Now after a good nights sleep I noticed that I forgot to mix the toms and that the bass might be a bit too loud and some of the percussion elements need more automation, but otherwise I already like it. I tried to remedy the overuse of autotune by making the vocals sound a bit more Pet Shop Boys -esque with modulation and delay.

Hello and welcome! You're right - the bass is too loud, especially during the verses. And it's verrrry compressed/distorted (kinda NIN, Muse-like). Also, the drums almost completely disappear in th... (read more)
Yeah, I like my bass compressed. And distorted. But it's funny, because I have such a massive compression on the bass group, even tho I dropped the fader by 12dB, it was still effin loud in the ver... (read more)
Yep... this one seems more coherent... vocals are still a bit loud imo and the kick could have some more low end (less sample, more real kick?) for my taste.
Thanks :) The kick samples I used have way more low end than the original kick had, but it is mostly on the sub region (0-150hz). I tried to compare the level of vocals to similar stuff, and they a... (read more)
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I like the bass distortion. It reminds me of some parallel distorion stuff Randy Staub did on some records I really dig. But I thinks it's a little too loud. May I ask what you used there?
FREE ampsim nick crow 8505 and guitar cab impulses ;)
Stay Rock !
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had some spare time today  ;D

fun song to mix, thanks 140dBSPL !

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51790150/vocoder%20metal2.mp3  (no samples used)
Your welcome... but vocoder metal?  ;D ;D ;D

That distorted bass works quiet well in the song... great. The drums without samples are also nice.
I would say that the lead vocals are to... (read more)
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thanks for the comments 140dBSPL  8)
did a little remix with your comments as reference (cut a little high-mids in the vx's and tried more elec gt's in the chorus)

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Thanks, I'm glad you like the song. The band doesn't exist anymore, if you want you can listen to some songs here:


cool songs ! specially the first one... i wonder if you have the multitracks available for mixoff's  ;D ;D ;D
Thanks! Unfortunately not... I had nothing to do with the production, I just played guitar...