Mixoff Contest with Ermin Hamidovic - Win Ermin's New eBook!

Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions has agreed to judge our next Mixoff contest, and to provide a copy of his excellent new eBook, "The Systematic Mixing Guide" as the prize!

This song is a heavy rock song with loads of production, there are plenty of opportunities for creative moves, automation, effects, etc, so go nuts! There are 59 tracks total, many are synth bits, etc, so be sure to listen to them and make good decisions!

The tracks can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/721667/TheOneTracks.zip

The rules are as usual; 2 weeks from today, May 7th to submit your mixes. Ermin will give notes on your first mix, feel free to make tweaks and submit a 2nd mix, but you won't get notes on that one.

Loudness of the mix isn't a factor, so don't go crazy trying to 'master' the track, but present it as you would to a client.

Please make your mixes downloadable, if you use Soundcloud, be sure to select the option that lets users download the track. You can submit MP3s, but keep your bit rate high enough to avoid artifacts (192k is probably the minimum you'd want.)

Have fun!

Be sure to check out Ermin's site, and read about his book here: http://www.systematicproductions.com/mixing-guide.htm

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Looking forward to it!!. :)
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for having me! Hoping we can have a bit of fun with what I know to be an awesome song that's very fun to mix. We intentionally selected a song that was heavily layered and indicative of the way many current commercial tracks are being built. It's all about focusing each element into its dominant zone, using automation to keep it coherent throughout the sections, and generally trying to shift the listener's attention around all while keeping everything as clear and punchy as possible.

I've received one request from the artist, and that's for you to not use your final mixes as portfolio/promotional material on your own sites, blogs etc. This is an unfortunate byproduct of some licensing woes which are beyond his control, and we apologize for that.

If you want to hear the original mix of the song, you can stream it in 320kbps from my site www.systematicproductions.com

Otherwise you can get a quick'n'dirty preview on YouTube: htt... (read more)
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Awesome. I'm a big fan of your work mr. Ermz. I already have the e-book, but I'm looking forward to your judgement!
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I'll give it a go, no reason not to.
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Is it just me or the download is awfully slow ?
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Yeah it's kinda slow.
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I'll share another copy via dropbox, it's uploading now, maybe that'll be faster. My hosting company is probably throttling the bandwidth...
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Here's another link for downloading the tracks: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/721667/TheOneTracks-1.zip

EDIT:Just got an email from Dropbox that my public link is suspended for excessive downloads. So, this link won't work for a few days, unfortunately...

5/13/12 - OK, the dropbox link is working again. As long as everyone isn't hitting it at once, it should be ok!
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AWESOME! Are there any info´s as text file or something? Regarding the tempo.