small live recording (drums/vx's/bass/aks and elec gt)

hi everyone,

this is a 14 track live recording i recorded back in 2007.
the band is a french band called "les enfants de cabot" from quebec in canada (
the song is called "la grimace".
it was recorded in a small outdoor show using a digi002r (using 4 "built-in" preamps, the extra preamps are from a midas venice console using a adat alesis lx for a/d conversion)

here is the mix i made back then :

here are the files (24bit/44.1 khz) :

have fun  ;D

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Here's one with a darker feel to it.
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I never worked with a live recording that clean! Unreal separation and nicely recorded.

Here's my mix. I tried to keep the live feel intact, but still make it clear and upfront.
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it's always fun to listen to different mixes made of the same recording, it opens our minds to different views and we can learn a lot from them ;)

RiF : [color=green=green]I never worked with a live recording that clean! Unreal separation and nicely recorded.[/color]
well thanks ! back then, i worked as a fulltime live sound engineer (also recording ''live'' gigs occasionally) and would mostly "mic"  using the opposite philosophy of general studio technics, aiming for MAX isolation (very close mic'ing) and MAX rejection (placing the mics in a way that rejects other nearby sound sources)
the downfall of this technic is that it often gives a unatural sound. you sometimes have to eq heavly on the channels strips to notch out all the resonances captured from the very close mic'ing, and also to compensate the sometimes excessif proximity effets from the cardioid (directionnal) mics.
        I like your mix very much:  good spectral balance, powerful kik!,you also ma... (read more)
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Hey midas, thanx for your comments. And you're completely right, the ambience sound got a bit short on this one and made it sound like a very small club instead of a bigger venue. I revisited my mix and compressed the CROWD track and brought it up, added some more air to the vocals and a bit of space to both vocals and the snare.
The ambience mics in this mix gives me mixed feeling. I feel that it's messing the bass sound and makes the electric guitar
disappear somewhere. On the other hand it's making the acoustic guit... (read more)
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Spede : Very [color=orange=orange]warm[/color] and [color=blue=blue]focused[/color] sounding mix !  8)
-the drums are punchy with smooth sounding overheads
-the lead vx's level sits well in the mix to my ears...if something, i would have hipassed just a little higher (for comparison on the other side, the vx's in my mix are probably to bright  :P)
-the bass sits nicely in the mix and works very well with the kik drum
-mix could use a little reverb  ;D(would add a little depth in the mix)
-gt's are a+
Excellent work!

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Not really sure what they're saying, but this is an awesome song. Had a blast messing around with it. Here's my attempt at it:
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KiloOscar : couple of small ajustments in this mix and it should be rocking #1 ;D
here are my constructive hints to help :
-the strongest aspect in this mix are the vx's : they are clear and sit well in the mix
-the drums (mostly the snr) sounds a little muffled, need more hi-mids to help them cut , they could also be louder (kik and snr)
-the bass is overpowering the freq balance of the mix and is saturating pretty hard. cuting a couple of db's , i think, would help to focus the mix a lot.
-the mix is almost mono : a little more panning or little tricks like copying a mono track (ex: aks or the elec gt track), afterward panned at the opposite side of the original , then applying dly on only one of the tracks (anywhere between lets say 15 to 25 ms) : result is a very wide stereo image of a mono track 8)

keep up the good work,
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midas: Thank you so much for the constructive criticism. Exactly what I needed!  ;D Here's my second attempt at it, I manly concentrated on spreading the mix, getting the stereo feel you mentioned. Hope it's a little better. Thanks again!
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excellent!  very good results  ;D
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this was fun thanks for posting the tracks.

I kept it real simple, heres my take