Actions EP Contest - Pop Punk/Rock (3 Tracks)

Actions were based in the South of England and unfortunately spilt up earlier this year. I had the joy of recording 3 tracks with them last October and I've decided to put them up on here as it was a very consistant recording session, however each track has its differences - so it won't be a simple copy and paste mix!

Here's their last single:

I will be judging the mixes on these 3 points:

Overall Quality of the mix/master.
Mix Consistency - They all need to sound like they've come from the same CD.
Creative Input - Any quirky effects or extra parts you choose to put in.

Here are the multitracks

There are 3 tracks in there. Devil's Words, South Of The Water and One Minute Smile. All the tempos are included in the folders.

A few things to look out for:

- You will most likely be sample replacing all the drums. The kick drum was recorded with a trigger, however the rest of the kit was mic'ed up so the option is yours.

- These are commercial songs, so loudness is of key importance. These tracks need to blend into any radio playlist etc.

- The vocals are already compressed and tuned.

- No rough mixes. I want the finished full product.

Other than that, just have fun mixing them! The winner will be announced a month from now on the 22nd of June.

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Some well produced songs you´ve got there!

Here´s my shot with some extra tabasco and double jalapeño ;)

Maybe you could tell my if it´s the right direction, so i can start printing tracks and do some FX...

Thanks for sharing!
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Nice concept for a mixoff!!
Pretty awesome!, thx for doing this!  :)
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Thanks Arthur!

This should be nice concept especially for those who are starting off and like to learn how to make a consistent end product.

I'll try to give this a shot if I can find the time between sessions.

I was just thinking, because it's three songs and you are aiming for high quality end product, that is there some plans on relasing or using the winning product somewhere?

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TonyPizza - That's a real sweet mix! Love the accuracy of the drums. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

sedit1 - As I mentioned, unfortunately the band has actually split up and are no longer releasing music, therefore there are no actually plans to release the winning mixes. I've actually struggled to think of a decent prize haha. I figured the best incentive is as you said - giving people the opportunity to do something like this. 
I was just thinking about the prize, what about asking the "former" band if with their permission someone who wins the contest can for example use one of the tracks in his/hers portfolio for mixing... (read more)
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^ I like that idea ;)

Here´s the second song. I gave the drums a tad more space, esp. toms were to dry i think.
Very good mix! I liked almost every part of it except for vocals. To me they dont sound as good as the rest of the song. I guess the biggest part in it has to do back vocals, they are too loud and ... (read more)
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^ Thanks for the pointers man! My backings are all grouped to on stereo bus. Have to automate them...

Well i dig your mix too. But the reverb on your main vox are to big and wet for my taste. Since the songs should fit radio playlists, i think a "dry" mix is the way to go.
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TonyPizza: Nice mixes man!

Really keen to know what samples are you using on drums and do you have a separeate drum reverb for the whole kit?

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Hey Matias, really good ears... Yes i used Altiverb to simulate some room mics. Think it were the Wisseloord Studio IR´s. On drums i layerd different samples. All samples i collect over years from forums etc. Snare and toms got some Slate Z2 for more ambience.

BTW: There´s some serious amount of parallel compression going on.
Thanks for the info! And yes parallel compression for this kind of music is a must especially if you dont use samples. Have to check those room impulses, have been looking good room impulses for dr... (read more)
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Since i don´t want to share my to go drumsamples ;) (Sorry for that). I rather post a snippet of the drums only, so you can hear what´s going on:
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Heh, thats ok, I have more than enough drum samples and if I can I try to avoid using any samples,
just liked your kick very much, it sits well in the mix and is just great for rock music. Thanks for the snippet!  ;)