Pop Rock / Pop-Punk Mix Off "Doctor, Doctor"

I didn't know whether to put this in the rock or pop category - but since Pop is the first word, I'll go with that.

Just for fun.
135 BPM

-Bass Amp & D.I.
-Electric Guitars
-Multi-mic drums
-Lead, background, and group vocals

I believe it was recorded by a student of an audio engineering program at the school.

The song is "Doctor, Doctor" artist is "The Brighter" out of Dallas, TX.

Though I would change a few things now, my mix can be heard here:

Looking forward to hearing everyone's mixes. Enjoy!

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cool song to mix, i'm in, thanks dude!
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Me too, and I'm thinkin' I might make a few changes.

D/Lin' ...
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Thanks! Seems interesting, but I’ve been unable to download the file, it stops when it’s about 127 Mb, Maybe are you still uploading to the server?
Let me know if you're still having the problem. It definetly is not still uploading, but if you or anyone else is having trouble I can try adding another server.
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Fabulous mix OP! Did you mix it OTB? I am surely hoping you blended samples with the kick/snare cause my mix's drums sound no where near that punchy :-\.

I didn't do many composition changes except at the end.

Here's my mix:
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Really enjoyed mixing this song

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shorton: I like it but feel the drums are a bit dead and everything is kinda in it's own place; it feels like a rough mix.

loon: kinda the REM guitar mix, eh?  Kick is a little high, the drums definitely punch ya!

Quiethouse: ver' nice!  Sounds great, altho' ya re-titled it "Doctor Dotor".

Here's mine:

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That was fun, great multitrack!

Here's my very quick and dirty mix, no drum replacements, automation etc.:


Hope you like it!
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Catchy tune, very talented guys! Here's a mix I did today. Cheers.

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Hi folks!
I'm a noob here :)

I listened to every mix, and my favourite one is Shorton's mix...
But has some little problems. Nothing really serious...it sounds a bit "plastic" to me and i hear a lack of mid in the lower register...but, at the moment, is the most well balanced :)

The others are good, one has a nice "frequency shape" but it's distorted and levels are not that good.

Here's mine.. ::) no automation (i had not too much time), no "refined effects" ...only 4 reverbs and one delay...

It's a pretty crappy bast*rd mix :)

Feel free to throw sh*t on it :)

Black Titan
This one's my fav of the bunch. You really brought out the aggressiveness in the gtrs.
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Here is my basic 3-hour mix. The only thing I haven't gotten to do yet is add some "interest" to the mix, like special effects or reverse sort of stuff. I will get to it later. Any feedback is appreciated, as I am trying to perfect my monitoring situation.


Alright, here is a bit of feedback for you all (just my opinion!)

ShortTon - (one of my favorites)

-Lots of punch, especially the kick. I like how it doesn't make the mix pump too much.
-The kick is a bit much for me after while though. Snare sounds a bit thin.
-Great use of effects, a very interesting mix
-Everything is clear, nothing is hidden, great balance

Loon -

-Good balance overall, kick seems a bit hot. Good attack though
-I like the guitar delay effects
-Vox are nicely intelligible, what processing did you use?

Quiethome -

-Guitars sound nice and big, what did ... (read more)
living sounds
You're correct about the compression, I spent like 30 min on the mix and compensated for lack of time with compression and saturation.  There's an SSL bus comp in parallel with most tracks on a bus... (read more)
Sorry I hadn't replied to your question. On the lead vocals, I had a compressor with a 5:1 Ratio to tame peaks, EQ with 250hz boost, 4.5khz boost, and high shelf for air, and a delay. On the backin... (read more)