Acoustic & Vocals - Pop Punk Style

Here is the 2nd song i have recorded and mixed for a friend, still early days for me and i know their is plenty room for improvement so all feedback is appreciated. I recorded everything on an AKG C214 in my living room which has quite high ceilings. I also struggle to get the acoustic guitar to sound fuller/deeper, it was recorded mono so doubled the track and moved the 2nd over slightly to give a stereo feel, however am always getting alot of high, any suggestions? Mic Placement? Plectrum thickness? Ways to change room size? Plugins? anything that will help, thanks

My Mix -

You can download everything from:

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Downloading it now. Will get back to you soon.  ;)  FYI, RapidShare DL speed sucks compared to DropBox, you should get a (free) account there.

EDIT: it looks like RapidShare DL is worse than I remember. It would've taken hours and hours to get this file, instead of a few minutes. I highly recommend getting a DropBox account and re-uploading! Then you'll see some action at this thread.
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Hello! tell your friend that he has a fan in spain haha I had a good time mixing this song.

Here's my mix:
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no idea what your mic placement was on this so i apologise if you have already tried, but move the mic closer to the bridge of the guitar. the further toward headstock you get, the thinner and brighter it will sound.

out of curiosity, what interface are you using?

I'll download this now and have a go at it over the next few days when I have the time :)
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s compared to DropBox, you  corded and mixed for a friend, still earl shoading it now