Two Young Lads

Wasn't really sure where to put this one because it doesn't really fit into any category I can think of.  I put it here because it has a banjo???  Anyway, here's a rough mix of the song.  If people want to mix it, I'll put up the tracks.  It's called "Two Young Lads".

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Awsome song Gtr Zero!!.
I remember mixing it over @ GS about a year ago or something!?.
Did you add anything new to it since than!?
Guitar Zero
Nothing new, just going through some old stuff, and things seem slow around here, so I thought I'd put it up if anyone was interested in some more mixing.
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Well this is a mixing forum, so I say put it up!! ;)
Btw is your son still singing!? I thought you mentioned back than that this was an old song!? you 2 did together.
Guitar Zero
Yeah, we did this a few years back after taking a trip to Ireland.  He did the guitars and vocals and piano, I did the bass, banjo, and ebow parts on the tele.  We had fun anyway.  I'll listen to y... (read more)
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Heres the mix I did back than.
Two young lads MortenDK mix
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What a cool track, love it! Full of flavour.
What else you got?
Guitar Zero
I've got a few old things laying around.
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well, I'd love to hear them, seriously.
Do you have them on soundcloud?
I don't know what it is about the vibe of Two Young Lads, but it somehow seems to mix a couple of genres really nicely.

Seriously, keep up the good work.

And yes, if you've got anything handy, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks  :)
Guitar Zero
OK, I just added a new song to the pop forum, which I'd put up for mixing if anyone is interested.
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Great, I'll take a look.
Thanks!  :)