New track from A.G.E. - 5 Chord (thats the working title)

Alright guys, it's been nearly a year and a half since I posted a track here. We have written some new songs and moved to tracking live, rather than overdubbing (it works better for us). With that said, the space we have to track in is so cramped that you can hear the guitar and drums through the bass DI! So be forewarned, there is a lot of crosstalk to deal with.

This tracked was recorded on 7/25/12 in a small garage. There are 11 channels.

Alright, here is the recording setup to give you an idea of the layout and how tight the space is.

The mic in the foreground is the room mic, an MXL 990, the green ones are CAD CM217's on the drum overheads. I have them as close as I feasibly can to help keep them focused on the drums, but there is still a ton of guitar and bass in them. Also, with them so close, the left crash phases, I have tried everything I can to fix that, but short of moving them further away, this was the best solution.

The tom mics are a radio-shack instrument dynamic on the high tom (forget what model exactly) and a Gemini vocal mic on the low tom. Yes, I am aware the toms are out of tune, it was about 95f in the room that day and I just could not get them to tune in a reasonable amount of time. Snare mic is a GLS ES57 (sort of a knock off SM57, I like the sound, since it is a bit brighter with less mud on the low end). Kick mic is a Shure PG52. Again, due to the tight space, placement kind of sucks. I am considering moving it to the batter side.

In this recording, only the top guitar amp was used, recorded with an SM57. The bass is direct (gave up on the bass mic, just too much crosstalk from the guitar).

The vocal track is really a scratch track, though it turned out well enough to use for now. Once my new mic (a Blue Spark) comes in I will have the vocalist over to lay down some new tracks. The scratch vocals are the old standby, and SM58.

Ok, that's all the tracks. Here is a quick mix I did in an hour and a half or so (most of that spent setting up the track order and such).

(sorry, the link was broken for a bit, fixed now)

And here are the tracks.

Have fun with it!

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Thanks for sharing!

Here' my quick take on it.
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Haha! Fun Stuff
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Here is my lofi ruthless mix.

Japancakes, nice bass sound and vocal fx, it gives it a spooky vibe i like. If you automated the vox fx it could be even more dramatic. Is there  a phaser on the overheads?
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KiloOscar: Sounds cool, nice fat sound too it. Is there a phaser or something on the guitar? And did you gate the overheads? I may try that, I like the effect!

japancake: Totaly different vibe to it. What did you do to the bass? Must be one hell of a low pass on that, I know it was noisy as all get out (I showed the bassist and he is going to have a look at it).

jeremias666: The guitarist would like this one, lo-fi is his thing (epsilons, anything by ty segal, flipper, things like that). I really want to know what you did to take the nasties out of the guitar and smooth it out. I have to contend with that noise no the rest of the album we are working on. Also, the tom! It sounds good! what the hell did you do to manage that? :P
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The toms are sampled.

The guitars, the miked guitar i cut off some nasty mid range at aprox 2k. Then i duplicated the DI and used amplitube fender on it, one have a fender blender fuzz into the twin reverb emulation, to get a thick dark fuzz sound, the other i used a fender deluxe with some dynacomp emulation to get some attack and definition.

The fuzz gtr is panned to the left, the original miked gtr its panned to the right along the fender deluxe emulated DI gtr.
Ok, cool. So it really is our amp that sounds like crap (what can you ask from a $100 fender amp from the 80's I guess). I really need to look into an amp sim sometime.

You got a sample th... (read more)
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Thank you for sharing!

This was a technically challenging mix - all of the stems had significant bleed, and the OHs had a slight phase issue.

I used all of the original stems, adding a guitar layer and kick sample.

Let me know what you think!
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That's great bro. Thanks for posting it!!

What interface and preamps you used to record it?
What guitar, amp and bass did you use?
Did the guitar go directly into the amp?

Thanks again! I'm amazed by the nice result of this humble setup ;)

edit: here's my mix.

i could use sample or reamp the guitars but i prefer going all natural.
i didn't use the room mic except from the beginning.
Wow, haven't stopped by in a while! Anyway!

All three of your mixes sound great, though I agree and like the third one the best, it has a more forward punkish sound to it. I will have to l... (read more)
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Here's my updated mix guys.

I would really appreciate your feedback.
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Here's my new mix. I think it's better than my other two I posted.

Please leave some feedback!