Mix my Tune Rainbow Jane - Just for fun (not an audition)

Hi All:

I came up with the idea of a Lost Tapes Songwriting Competition for my Cubase User Group. The idea was to write the mythical missing song that was cut from a famous album at the last moment. Apart from the fun aspect, it would force everyone to write in an unfamiliar style and stretch a bit in the process. The first album we selected was American Beauty by The Grateful Dead. Rainbow Jane is my entry, inspired somewhat by "Box of Rain." I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

I've attached a rough mix in mp3 format. If you like the song and want to give it a shot, send me your email address and I'll send you a "We Transfer" email that will enable you to download all of the stems. These are 24 bit/44.1KHz files. About 1.5 gigs worth. My email is [email]ericpr1@aol.com[/email]

Thanks for considering.

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Hello danfan, why don't you just post the download link here?  ;)
Are you interested in mixing the tune? If so, I can send you the stems. There's no download link cause there's no place to download them from. But, I'd love to hear some examples of your work first.