Replacing snare because of hi-hat bleed?

Do you usually replace (trigger) snares with pre-recorded because of hi-hat bleeding?
Any ideas how to minimize it while mixing?

edit: i found tha gating the snare and adding a little bit reverb helps ;)

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Another common approach is to use a de-esser, especially on the drum submix, but can help on just the snare track.
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Slate trigger works pretty well.  Just set the threshold so that only the snare hits trigger the replacement snare. 
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Also using a gate to convert the snare to midi and then edit it so it's accurate works well too.
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If the snare sounds good, you can usually get away with quiet a bid of (hi-hat) bleed. 
I often use some gating (maybe 6-9dB GR) and dynamic EQ. So that only the actual snare hits have a high-mid boost (for example) which keeps the hihat bleed under control. Transient designer instead of compressor could also work to keep the bleeding under control.
I often use a crushed triggered sample just to add sustain because serious NY-compression with bleeding is often not favorable.
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I find that gating usually takes care of enough bleed. I personally don't mind a little getting through. EQ can help a bit too, haven't tried a de-esser, makes sense that it'd work too.