PONY --- Emo Screamo Mixoff is ready

The tune is called Pony.

7 Drum tracks
1 Bass
4 Guitars
2 Vocals

http://www.sendspace.com/file/vdu762                                        220 meg download

Have fun with it. Use what you want.

It had an intro clip of an organ that I pulled from the movie Carnival of Souls. I cant find it
If I find it I will post it. I have the DVD of the movie someplace.

I am gonna give this another shot at mixing again. I tracked it about 7 years ago.

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This is not my musical stylee at all, so I went for clarity and power:

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I downloaded this, and am going to hopefully have a mix later tonight. VVV, your mix sounds pretty balanced, but it sounds like it's washed out with reverb maybe? Or it could be the mp3 conversion I'm hearing.
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Sometimes I mix a song that gets stuck in my head for days - this however did not.  ;)

It was a fun style to work on though - used Norma Jean as a reference.

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Been one heck of a week. I have not had a chance to remix this yet.

But this was the mix that was going to be used. (the band broke up right after this was tracked)

I can not take credit for this mix. I dont remember who did the mix. (I wish I did so I can give them credit)

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I agree on the losta reverb in mine.

The vox have just a touch of plate, but the last thing I did was I parallel-compressed the bejaysus out of the drum submix (the snare had a plate) as I felt the drums just weren't tough enough without the smashing.

In retrospect, I'd consider lowering the plate level on the snare.

What really bothered me, tho', is I started to actually like the vocals!  ;D
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ooo this is gonna be a fun one  ;)

Hopefully post something tomorrow.... so much for sleeping tonight!
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Here's my go at it. I can't tell if it's my "not so perfect" location of my speakers... but there may be a low mid buildup in the guitars when they let the low palm muted notes ring out.

Now that the disclaimer is outa the way  :D here's my go at it.

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ShortTon: Damn!  That sounds much better and more interesting than I woulda thought possible.  I especially appreciate how ya got the vocals coming out, and the guitar definition.  Drums, too ... Lotsa EQ? And who/what is "Norma Jean"?

slater05: Yep, there's a huge low-mid build-up.  Makes the bass sound like Gawd, and she's pissed.  How'd you also get the vox cleared up?  Drums sound good, too - I definitely need work in that area when the submitted tracks are problematic ...
vvv thanks for the feedback. To get the vocals to cut through more I put a huge boost around 5K which seemed to work especially well on the low growl parts.

And even though I suspected tha... (read more)
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Very cool.

Me, I find myself far too unwilling, it seems, to make drastic changes to others' material.

Plus, I'm a wuss with EQ, always obeying the "no more than 4dB change" rule.

But those, eh "vocals", they really needed that. 8)
Yea while tracking I usually keep my eq to 4-6db's of change... although I like to eq everything "to tape" that I can.

But once it's in the box... the gloves are off... haha I'll boost or ... (read more)
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and another...