Dawn of the end

I just came across this forum and love the level of interaction, collaboration, and professional quality work!  I thought I would share a song of my own to learn from the collective knowledge base here.

The way I envision this mixoff is a combination of some of the forum categories - mixoff, collaborative mixoff, audition mixoff.   As I am new here, I would like to know if this is a reasonable mixoff request.
1) Initially I will provide the song with only DI guitar, DI bass, DI vocal, and Drum tracks without a reference mix - I feel this should give more diversity in the mixes.

[glow=red,2,300=red,2,300]Download those files below - Dawn of the end 94 BPM[/glow]
Original Raw Tracks

[glow=green,2,300=green,2,300]Requested Stems below[/glow]
These were not part of the original upload and have been requested by various people.  Use as many or as few as needed for your vision.  The vocal bridge double/harmony file has a double in first instance and a harmony in the second instance.  Cut/Copy/Paste at will.
Simpler Kick Drums (Replace master, kick, overhead, and room tracks with these if a simpler kick pattern is desired)
Main Guitar Doubles
Vocal Doubles and Bridge Harmony

2) Feel free to deconstruct/reconstruct the song - add, remove, or switch around any part(s) of the song.  Also feel free to collaborate and add your own tracks if so desired.
3) I will be available to record and upload any additional tracks requested.  Feel free to ask for anything - additional guitar parts, vocals, different microphone positioning, changes to drums, adding piano, strings, claps, pads, cricket ambiance, anything!

I realize that this is mixoff not produceoff but I thought it might be fun.

4) I will upload my reference mix of the song after a couple weeks and provide tracks with printed effects if requested (ie distorted guitars)

I am now going to switch gears on this mixoff away from production and focus on the mix.  I have added my original mix of the song using the same DI tracks in the "Original Raw Tracks" file above.

Dawn of the end - Insignificant Figures Mix

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I have also added the guitars with effects if you want them for mixing:
Guitars with printed effects

5) Consider this mixoff just for fun, however I have spent way too much time mixing this track and too little time to playing/arranging/writing others.  It is a possibility that in the end this will be an audition mixoff.

Insignificant Figures

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welcome to the forum!

these are some real good recorded tracks dude. i don't have the time for mixing this right now but please, when you can post some information about tracking for all the instruments.
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  Thanks for the kind words.  I had to laugh a little to myself at someone requesting tracking info because it is all done with used equipment in my very cluttered garage.  Nevertheless, I am more than willing to share whatever I can.

Drums - Quality of sounds/tracking here is all due to Addictive Drums
DI Interface to PC - Saffire Pro 24
Bass - DI Warwick Fortress One
Electric guitar - DI Ibanez Artist
Vocals - SM7B mic and a screw on pop filter (unfortunately vocal talent was not included with the mic)
Acoustic guitar - Collings D2H (pure acoustic bliss) mic'ed with a SM81-LC microphone at around the 12th fret, 4-6 inches away from the fingerboard,  aimed back toward the body end of the fingerboard.  I have still yet to find a mic setup with my limited equipment that captures the beauty of this guitar's sound.  With some work this track sounds ok.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
DAW - Reaper

There... (read more)
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Thank you for sharing!

The song has an early Led Zeppelin vibe to it.

Here is my interpretation:


Let me know what you think!
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  Thank you so much for the great mix!!  I didn't want to influence the mixes too much by my comments however there are a couple of coincidences that I have to comment on.  The reference of early Zeppelin is exactly what I thought of when looking back at my mix of this song (Heartbreaker to be specific).  They are a huge influence and I guess I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Not to say that this song is anywhere near their legendary skills.  The second coincidence is your choice of the sound for the guitar on the bridge.  I went univibe and you did something very similar.  It just blows my mind given that these were just DI tracks.
  Regarding your mix, overall I thought it was very balance and most everything sat well in the mix.  I am a novice mixer so take these comments with that in mind.

Vocals -  I really like the effects on the vocals.  It was striking at first because it was so different than the direction I went but it works so well.  Some wanted... (read more)
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Thank you for the excellent and detailed feedback!

I am also heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin :)

I corrected the EQ on the OHs to reduce the crash - this actually helped the vocals.

I had a problem with "rogue automation" on the bass track - this is now corrected.

I agree with your feedback regarding the main guitar - this is now more forward in the mix.

I'm not sure what happened with the timing on the post bridge guitar - I used the original stem.

I am still working on the kick drum - it needs a John Bonham sample  ;D

Here is version 2:

I think this is a very good mix. At this the root of the problems starts to be the arrangement (of more precisely lack of thereof :D), like the widened guitars and so on.
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Spede - Great stuff!!!  Very powerful drums and excellent guitar work  :)
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Simon - Love the revisions and fixes!  The guitar has that nice raw character to it now. The vocals come out a little more as you noted.  Very nice work.  Thanks so much for taking the effort on this.  If you have time could you describe how the vocals and bass were treated.  I am trying to learn as much as I can from this experience.

Spede - Thanks for all of your amazing work.  You went above and beyond!  It is people like you that seemingly take on every project and do it so well that make this such an amazing forum.  Here are my two cents even though you obviously do not need it.  I love RATM so that was a fantastic approach to take.

Drums/Bass - Simply perfect in the mix.  It is like magic how you have them so up front yet such an integral part of the blend.  I would love it if you could shine a little insight on your treatment/philosophy.
Vocals - Quite nice for the material you had to work with
Main guitar - The chucka opening that you added was gre... (read more)
Simon Morrison
Here you go:

Amp Sim (Overloud Mark Studio 2) > Compressor > EQ > Limiter

I. De-Esser > EQ > Transient Shaper > Pre-amp > Compressor > Reverb (Aux) > Delay (Au... (read more)
One (DI) bass track is just fine (unless there's some special effect tracks), having an amp signal is extra but not necessary (unless it's kind of music that relies solely on amp stuff, like some o... (read more)
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Simon - Thanks for your willingness to share your workflow.  Your vocal approach is something I will have to play around with. 
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I thought the kick drum programming was way to busy to be useful without extreme editing. It distracts from from the pulse of the entire song.
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^^^ On second thought, it works if the kick isn't as out front as some previous posts have had it. The song actually loses drive that way.