Rock Back - Mixoff

This is a song from an artist who took part in Trinidad & Tobago Carnival celebrations, it's called "Soca music". I know most of you have never mixed this type of music before so I look forward to hearing what you do with it.
BPM is 124...Cheers!!!!

Here is the mix

Here are the session files in AIFF format 24bit/44khz

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Holy christ does the vocoder effect get annoying. Did you print the vocal with it or is it dry?
Everything is dry
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Cool. Gonna DL it.
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Cool!! thx for uploading!.
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Right heres my take on it!

Hope you like it
Rock Back On It MortenDK mix
Very nice mix. The balance is there just a bit too much reverb that seems to be clouding the vox a bit. other than that job well done :)
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Thx man!! :)
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Ok, here's my run at it:

There were a number of issues that I felt needed addressing in the song:

1) the short loops - first thing I did was to change the "Sub" track to sound every four measures and not every two. Next, I automated muting of the synth "Guitar" track so that it was in the song only for select parts. By doing this I felt that some variety was added to the song, instead of sheer repetition.

2) the Vocoder/Auto-Tune - I kept the backing vocals quiet because they got too much with all the processing. For anyone who's wondering, Auto-Tune can be more subtle when the response time is not set to 0ms. ;)

3) most importantly, I recorded 2 guitar tracks to back up the lead vocal, enhance the musical feel and give some "human factor" to the overall sound.

4) I added no reverb, since some of the tracks were already printed with it.

... (read more)
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Excellent mix.

I listened a couple of times to try and find fault however I couldn't find any.

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Thanks Vincent!  :)