Acoustic Album "Story Time" Mix Off

Hey everyone, I'm Evan. Someone referenced me to this website after I posted this on Harmony Central. So, I've finally finished tracking my first album (10 songs + 1 Intro), and it's going to be called "Story Time" with plans to sell it on Itunes, amazon, etc. I'm looking for people to mix a song (or as many as they'd like) that will end up on the album in exchange for album credits and album revenue, in the hopes that it catches on. (In other words, I have no cash on hand, living at home with 15 dollars in my account and all that jazz)

Here's a teaser I made so you can hear the idea of how the album starts and a blip of the first song(don't mind the shoddy self-mix)

Here's the files in a rar (rough bounce of each song included to pick a song you'd like to mix):

Vocal-wise I'm looking for a clean produced John Mayer style, and guitars, well most people on here seem to like em bright, me too.
(*Note* Some people have already started working on 'Listening,' 'Five Hours', 'They're Wrong' , 'Colors', and 'Let Go' I believe as well, but the other songs no one has touched yet!)

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How would you go about the credit thing on Itunes tho, if its meant to be a digital download!?
Thx for uploading I will have a go on a tune or 2 :)
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Ok I did 2 quick mixes of:
Turning Pages and Story Time

Tho on Turning pages the vocal is distorted is that intentional!? 

Hope you like it

Turning Pages MortenDK mix

Story Time MortenDK mix
Hey those sound great. Thanks so much for working on them. I can tell you've got some serious skills. This is my first album so I wasn't sure how you give credit on iTunes but I'm looking at it now... (read more)
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Thanks so much for the great mix. I'll PM you!
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Great mixes, MortenDK! The spaciousness fits perfectly to the songs. The guitar is a bit clouded in reverb (especially the low-mids to low-end).
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Here are my mixes. Very cool songwriting and the guitar performance is excellent. The recording quality and tone has quite some variation throughout the songs, therefore it might need a bit more detail work to let them all sound more similar. In these mixes, I have let myself led by the individual song without caring too much about the cohesiveness of the whole album. And in Let Go, the editing work to reduce the background noises on the vocal recordings is not finished yet. Turning Pages Let Go Five Hours Wondering Why EDIT: please ignore these mixes, the balances are way out of whack.
Awesome, sounds like you know your way around a session! I can give you some more detailed feedback in a PM if you'd like.
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What the heck, I'll play.  Here's my version of Let Go:
Thanks man, PM otw!
Your mix sounds a bit too lofi for me, although it I guess it has been made like this by intention. Almost like it had been run through a cassette tape for "vintage vibe". It could need more excite... (read more)
The intro sound really cool. It's amazing how the reverb doesn't drown the acoustic but can clearly be heard during the strums. And the lo-fi feeling isn't really bothering me.

What is bot... (read more)
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Just wanted to do a general update on this thread since it seems like more people are joining the fun everyday!

So I've gotten quite a number of mixes over the past week or so and it has been a huge learning experience for me to say the least, especially in discovering what kind of mixes it turns out I seem to prefer for my music. I feel like I have learned more about mixing just by listening to them, than I ever have actually doing my own mixes. It turns out I like what people seem to call the raw approach for this music (sort of), with less focus on the reverb, compression, and auto-tune, and much more focus on spending the session time in the very basics of finding the perfect subtle EQ's for everything, getting good volumes of every part of the song (for each track), so that overall you just hopefully end up with the most pleasant sounding thing that you can listen to again and again, where it sounds great and has the illusion that hardly anything was done to it. (with ... (read more)
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Here are the updates to my mixes with way better balances and whatnot:
Five Hours

Let Go

They're Wrong

Turning Pages

Wondering Why

Find It All

The biggest challenges were for me:
- controlling the sometimes boomy low-end of the guitars without taking away all the meat and warmth. Light Multiband-compression did the trick for me here.
- Finding the right tone for the different guitars (vinyl / steel string) and varying picking techniques (pick, finger strumming, slapping).
- controlling the dynamics of the vocals without letting them sound overly compressed but still don't let them jump at your from out of nowhere. My Distressor helped me a lot here.
- Notching out some unpleasant frequencies from the vocals that prevent the mix from being able to be listened to loud.
- finding the right reverb type and amount to have the vocals be dry enough to be upfront and intimate but not too dry to let them sound dea... (read more)
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First try:

Cheers  ;D
Sounds really good, everyone on here is great, PM incoming
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Heres one for now.  I have a a few other mixes Im working on and I'm working on these acoustic tracks in between.

Songs sound great and I really love the subtleties like the mic noise and certain notes that stick out on the guitar.  These tiny little imperfections make the performance much more enjoyable and believable.  Very impressed.

I think Rif's are my favourite thus far out of all the mixes.
Nice! PM inc
Thanx for your that!
Awesome stuff RiF.  I grateful for your comments. First time someone has admitted "stealing" a sound of mine.  I guess its a badge of honor in this mixing game. 

Evan was also asking abo... (read more)
The trick is just to be careful with the compressor's threshold. Set it at a level where it compresses the vocals but does not bring up the noise. If you want more compression, just use a higher ra... (read more)