Pop Punk - Chelsea by StakeOut

Your classic happy pop-punk with cheesy synth lines all over the shop.

Here's my mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oDOztczlbE

and the stems: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5106911/MixOff%20Sessions/Chelsea%20-%20StakeOut%20180BPM.zip

Once again, don't hesitate to reply here or message me if you need anything.

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Great song! Here's my mix..[soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/music-by-tf/chelsea-tf-mix[/soundcloud]
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Is a very good pop punk 00' song, in the wave of all time low.

Here's my mix: http://snd.sc/Ul7ef6
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Here we go..... [soundcloud]http://soundcloud.com/trakslasha/chelsea[/soundcloud]
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I get this weird phasing when I introduce drum room track with the rest of the drum tracks - oneforthedrivehome any tips? Is there some kind of latency on that? Thanx
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Sorry everbeatz and everyone else! Sack off the drum room track. I bounce down my drum mix and then slap a 'room' studio type reverb. But logic won't print that :( So what you've got is a bounce of my triggered drums.
Hey, thanx for the answer! I kind of suspected that was the problem as 'drumroom' track didn't sound like it was tracked with the rest of the kit. Anyway, I'll do some workaround excluding that tra... (read more)
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This was great fun  :D Thanks for putting this up, Definitely looking for more of these guys  :P
Hopefully everyone enjoys my mix of this :)
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I stumbled onto this site looking for multitracks to play with - looks like I found some fun ones! :)

Here's my shot at this one....

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oneforthedrivehome has given us great tracks to work with! Thanx man, very appreciated!

Here's my mix of it:


@Jenny Or Shape - dunno, drums sound too distant, kind of garage-y feel to it, intentional?

@Trakslasha - interesting mix, kind of different perspective to it, sounds a bit too lo-fi to me, overall balances are ok

@hectictf - pretty good man! snare has snappy sound, kick is subby - guitars have too much ambiance to them IMO
balances are pretty good overall
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@Everbeatz : Very nice mix....I like what I heard.
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Here is my mix, I would be happy if you give me your opinion.I try to improve. (I'm French, sorry if my English isn't perfect)
Thank you :)