Heavy Rock/Post Hardcore - Reading Pictures by AvaGrace

Definitely one of the strongest recordings I've done. Really good guitar sound and the kit was easy to make sound good without touching it much. Vocals are really strong and have a heap load of harmonies to work through, so enjoy that. Other than that, it's a pretty straight forward mix. Enjoy!


Stems: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5106911/MixOff%20Sessions/Reading%20Pictures%20-%20AvaGrave%20163BPM.zip

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Mixed this again through headphones, let me know what you think and ill make some changes when i get time,

This pretty solid mix. The large reverb with long pre-delay on the lead vocal feels little out of place during the verses (but sounds good on the chorus), but that's more a matter of taste.
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First mix in Cubase! Edited the vocals, then re-edited them in Audacity.

Lemme know what you think!

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It's sounds like there's still a de-esser on the lead vocal track... is that the case?
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Thanks for posting the stems!
Just wanted to know what plugins u use lol and how much processing you really did.
Sounds real tight and punchy!

Thanks again!
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jrhager84: Nope. There might be a few artifacts and things due to melodyne, but all I do is compress on the way in and then melodyne everything tight.

yukeshgrg: I know you've been waiting for this one man! :p Ahh there's too many plug ins to list, but I mainly stick to the waves bundle. CLA 2A is my go-to compressor and the API EQs are usually handy!
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Without sounding crass, did he have a lisp?
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Spede, your mix is pretty cool. Punchy and aggressive, yet clear, but I'd bring the vocals up to let us hear that 1176/LA-2A glory :-).
The snare sounds nice and punchy, but I went for a less low-middy snare closer to the original recording in my mix.

Here's mine:
AvaGrace - Reading Pictures (RiF 2, 2012-09-22).mp3

The rhythm guitar tracks sounded like they are full of dropouts and/or misplaced repeats, still I like the sound of them. oneforthedrivehome, do you remember the recording chain for them (from guitar to amp/cab to mic)? 
Excellent kick sound! For some reason the drum sound in this mix remind me of Incubus' Morning View album. I guess I'd hope that the snare would be little bit more punchier and aggressive and less ... (read more)
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Hey Spede, thanx a lot for the comprehensive feedback!!
You're completely right with the bass. In your mix, it's just right. Bottom end foundation plus you can hear the pick attack and it has the right amount of grit. I tried to put the Sansamp plugin on it to distort the hell out of it and give it some grind, but it just made the bass even more unfocused. I need to try what you suggested and some parallel distortion might do the trick.
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Hey guys here my try... No fader riding and toms aren´t processed.. And strange miss-triggers at the end;) it´s getting late in germany ;)

Thanks for sharing

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Just did this mix today - very good song!


Comments are welcomed, I will comment on other mixes later!