Anyone want to practice their mixing chops on this?


I had a band in the studio yesterday to do some VERY live takes. I have two full takes and a bunch of incompletes to comp.

There's only 5 tracks. You probably won't need to add reverb because my live room has plenty, and there's a room mic.

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;D would love to haev a crack at this. Loving the feel to it. Do you have any links to the files?
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Let me see what I can do. How many of you can work in 24/96? There's only 4 tracks total. (I summed kick and overhead on the way in) I can't see there being any drive issues for anyone.

Tracks include mono drum, bass, keyboard and room.
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Yea I can do that if you want to post the files.
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i'd love to try mixing the tracks! can i have the stems? ;D