Swedish Death Metal - not for the faint of heart


I wrote this small clip as a teaser for my upcoming album with Arbitrator without any intentions to put it on Mixoff at the time, so the tracking and editing stages were certainly not pushed to the level I would push them to with a client. However, I think the clip is definitely still something an ambitious mixer can work with. In the future I will take the tracking / editing into more consideration now that I am aware of this forum's existence!

Here is my attempt at the mix:

Here is the 86.8 MB rar:

-All stems are .wavs @ 44.1KHz and 24Bit
-All stems have been prepared to hover around -18dbRMS
-108bpm; no idea what the time signatures are. Lots of triplets.
-Guitars have been quad-tracked and amped up through a mesa, however the corresponding DI's have been included.
-The drums are 100% programmed. They have been sampled using the following:
    >Toms - Superior 2
    >Snare - SSD Snare 10A
    >Kick - SSD Kick 5
    >Cymbals - SSD for some of the rides, then DFH and Superior 2 to cover the rest
-If you don't like the original samples, or just want to make hybrid samples / reverb sends or whatever, the MIDI files for the drums can be found in the package

I highly encourage all feedback. The reason why I joined the forums in the first place was to better my mixing ability, so the more constructive criticism I can get the better. And of course, don't hesitate to take a shot at the mix! I posted this so that I could see what other's do better than me and learn from them.

Stay heavy,

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Hi! Thanks for sharing the tracks!  :D

Your mix is nice and wide, I like that. Second thing I noticed was that the snare gets lost which takes away some punch from the whole mix. Also, the cymbals seem a little smashed and cloud the rest of the mix a bit.
Other than that I can't think of something peculiar right now, but I'm not normally a metal guy.

Here is my mix, didn't spend much time on in (30 min or so...), what I can say right now is that it's more centered around the mids. If this is better or worse is for someone else to decide  ;D

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Not bad!

Definitely a punchier mix with a lot more definition on the drums, and certainly more mid-centered. The only thing that caught my attention were the vocals. They seem a bit too compressed for my taste and definitely lower in the mix than what I'm used to. However your toms sound fucken awesome!! A huge room sound with lots of attack.

Was this with the sampled drums or did you use the MIDI with your own samples? Reason why I ask is because some of the cymbals appear to be missing! I just want to make sure that I didn't export the cymbals incorrectly :-[

Cheers, and thanks for posting!
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Here is my entry for the mix-off.

I don't have good equipment, nor a good sound card.
Didn't spend a lot time neither. Tho I think it doesn't sound bad.

Not bad! I think the guitars and vocals could come up more, maybe with some high mid boost (and low mid cut). Also maybe some parallel compression on the snare to make it "fuller". And I think you ... (read more)
I know that the vocals and the guitars are a bit low in the mix, but that's because - when I was doing the mix it didn't sound the same before and after rendering.
Hmmm... What DAW are you using?
Reaper and Cubase. I had a problem with Cubase (I fixed it now), so I had to do everything in Reaper.

Btw, this was an earphone mix!
Hey Sergej, I had that same problem on a recent mix with Cubase 5! Can I ask how you solved it? Super frustrating.. Although with mine, only a small section of the vocals got loud for no reason and... (read more)
Hmm.. either the file is bad or it's something wrong with the software. Have you been, maybe messing around with envelopes or automations?  For what song were you mixing?
Well I do use automation, but that doesn't explain the random loudness of just a small section of vocals... And even after bussing the vocals to a new buss and limiting that buss (which should in t... (read more)
Then I'm not quite sure what it could've been.
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Thanks for the tracks, nice clip! So I gave it a try, with headphones though:

A little bit different approach:

Not sure about the balances. Going to check with monitors later.
Nice! Thanks for uploading.
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Hi, murdermachine.
somehow i got problems with downloading the files. My downloadmanager cant finish- and there is no size of the file shown....
i really would like to try mixing these files, so if it is possible, please reup the tracks.

thanks, alex

EDIT: everything is fine with your files- my pc is not working right....
i´ve got the files and if my pc is ready again to work i´ll give these tracks a try
Good to hear! Looking forward to your mix.
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Hi MM,

The link for the corrected overheads http://www.filedropper.com/overheads-corrected is not working - it brings up a blank File Dropper page.
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HI murdermachine,
First i want to thank you for sharing these files with us!
so now here is my try. And i did my best....greetings, alex

Cool! Really old-school!! It sounds a little too "dark" in the highs for a modern production imo, like the master had a severe LPF on it or something, but I really dig the panning of the vocals! So... (read more)
yes i know what you mean - maybe it was to quick for me and i should have listen back after a day.
and i know wht you mean with dark- but my reference was some older cephalic carnage st... (read more)
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Your mix could benefit from some depth staging.
I like the panning of the background vocals in the second half.

I really like your mix. It's very good. The just think that the drums sound a bit lifeless and sterile.

Brutal mix, bro! I like the gnarly bass, but it could need some more low-end. The lead vocals are clearly in the foreground, which is good and not too easy with the 7 vocals tracks.

Here's mine:
Arbitrator(RiF 1, 2012-11-24).mp3
Awesome! I don't know what it is, but the bass sounds like it needs a bit more tightening. It sounds a bit "woofy" in the lower frequencies if you get my meaning. However, the telephonic effect you... (read more)
Thanx for the feedback! Yes, I am not happy with my bass mix either. Needs to cut through more (see 140dBSPL's mix, but with more low-end). I re-did the bass in this 2nd version:
Arbitrator(RiF... (read more)
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hi, i´ve tried some rework on my mix and just upload a new version- so please let me know what you think


greetings, alex
Awesome! Definitely a lot more separation in this one. The snare feels somewhat disconnect from the mix however. Don't get me wrong, it definitely adds some punch, but it just doesn't seem to sit i... (read more)
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