Mix with me! The Hungry Drunx: "Last Leg" CLOSED

Aiight, I thought doing it this way might be sompin' different and fun.

Below is the 12kps*.mp3 of a faders-up mix of what I wrote and recorded last night and today as a new The Hungry Drunx tune, a project in which TOMB's SNARL posts drum tracks and I use them as a basis to write and record.

The song is a guitar-driven tune called "Last Leg", and there are nine, 16 bit, 44.1khz  *.flac tracks (and the ruff mix *.mp3)  inna 78.6meg  *.zip file, here:


I'll be working onna mix and posting it over the next day or so, and I hope all y'all will, also!

Some notes:
[li]Drums are essentially live (from 1 minute *.mp3 files, and the chorus from a different take) so there is no real set tempo - it is approx. 122 BPM.
Verses are Am & Gm; chorus mixes Bmaj (bass) and Bm (guitars).
Elec. guitars (G&L F100E and Hamer American) are through emulators (Zoom GM-200 and Hafler T2-Microcab) as opposed to real amps - try pass-filters.
Bass (Alvarez POS) is DI through a Studio Projects VTB1 which the emulators also run thru, and the ribbon (NOS R2) mic'd tambo (wooden).
All vocals (AT4040 mic) have some compression (Meek VC3Q) and pass-filtering and limiting.
Feel free to re-arrange, edit, exclude or even add tracks! Like say, some keys ... (hint-hint)
If you can't open *.flac, lemme know and I might could post *.wav files. (But see here, first.)
No $, but it's just possible we will (only after asking and with your explicit permission) use your mix on our next CD/Bandcamp thing.[/li]
Please have fun!

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Hi vvv,
This one is my Sat nights... entertainment... IF I can open the flac file...
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 8) I look forward to hearing it!

Just came back from a 3.5 hour jam so my ears are shot for now - I'll be mixing tomorrow, altho' I did just mix ...

...  martoonie no. 2.
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Hi vvv,
I used this converter :


It converts FLAC and other strange files to MP3.
It is only for Mac OSX...

Thanks for the link! Great piece of software.
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FWIW, I find FLAC much smaller than WAV, (but see very little difference between ZIP and RAR.)
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Aiight, so far:
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Could you guys start using something like www.soundcloud.com or www.dropbox.com for uploading and posting links to your mp3's or project files? It's a real time saver instead of downloading an mp3 attachment and loading up in a player. Instant streaming is much better :) Thanks!
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I don't know if there's any interest here, even, but I've been having a lot of trouble with the mix of this song.  

Since I actually wrote & recorded this to post at mixoff, I feel bound to work with the tracks as performed.

I did some heavy edits on the bass track and also iso'd the snare, and they are available here:
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Aiight, this is what I got:

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I tried to make something... http://snd.sc/krM6Ef (I'm quite a beginner)

I will listen to your mix.
Hello kins, I like the balance your mix, but a few things are apparent: 1) it's a little dry and far-away sounding, you could push the envelope a bit (literally), and 2) you should try a little mor... (read more)