One Thing Remains - Pop/Rock Cover Mix Off - Just For Fun

Hi guys,

I have also posted this on gearslutz, but have found this forum that may be a better place to put it!

I thought it'd be fun to upload my first mix off. This is the recording that so far I'm most happy with out of the ones I've done so far. It's a fairly simple anthemic pop/rock cover.

I've been playing with the mix for a while and this is the best I've come up with:


I am definitely in the low end of recording! All the tracks were recorded by me. The gear/plugins that has gone into making these files are:

sE Electronics SE2000 Mic for Vocals
Gibson Les Paul Standard -> Logic Pedalboard -> Amp Designer
Fender Telecaster Am. Deluxe -> Logic Pedalboard -> Amp Designer
Taylor 314CE DI
Musicman Bongo 4HH

Alesis DM10 -> BFD 2.0 for drums (midi file included, as well as 16 individual drum tracks)

All the inputs are from an Apogee Duet.

I'd love to hear your take on this - feel free to mess around with it as much as you like, add parts, take them away, make it an acoustic version. Make it a dance remix. Add your own parts, whatever. I love hearing other people's takes on things.

The things I have struggled with (as I'm sure you'll hear in the mix above) is getting the vocals to sit just right, and getting the low end of the mix to work.

So without further ado here is the link to download the tracks: (156bpm)

In addition here are the unprocessed guitar files:

And finally here is a bass track that another gearslut added, as he found mine lacking:

Note the drum midi file will need to be lined up from bar 2 to match with the audio, if you decide to resample the drums.

I look forward to hearing what you geniuses do with it!!!

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Well I´ll just post my mix here as well then!! ;D
Funny totally over looked your thread here!...

My mix

Hope you like it

One Thing Remains MortenDK mix
Some of the words in the beginning are inaudible. The only solution for that seems to be more automation.
Guitars sound awesome!
I feel some musical dynamics are lacking. When the singer st... (read more)
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Cool mix  brother 8)


cool arrrangement  good rock track:)

throw a slight touch of dirt on your vocals and look at creating a powerhouse buildup within the bridging from the verses to the chorus's

good luck in the future to you and your associates:)

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Here is my mix.
Thanks for the tracks.

MortenDK: A lot of reverb in vocals. Not sure if I like it or not???

wydsiwyrg: Vocals could use some S-limiting.
There seems to be some distortion on the choir fx?
AcGtr could be louder on those place where it is the only instrument with the lead vocal.

Edit: A new version with more attention paid to the snare sound.
Edit 2: A new version without lead voc chorus.
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Wow, awesome cover! I like it much more than the original one... Great voice man!

Here´s my try so far. Think i have to fix the overall balance. Guiatrs are buried a bit. Maybe i overdone it on drums;)

Edit: Just noticed i had muted 2 guitar tracks >:( Will post an update soon.
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Just been having a listen to everyones mixes as I download the track.

Moonwrist: I am not a fan of the vocal effect - especially at the start of the track and I would like some more bass/ kick to fill out the sound of the mix.

MortenDK: I like your arrangement, especially in the intro.  I would like the vocals higher in the mix and they sound a little harsh in places -but that might me my listening environment.

Spede: A really nice mix.  My only thoughts were that the ride cymbal was loud in the intro especially with the rest of the drum part for later in the song.

Thanks wydsiwyrg for the mix to play with.
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This was a fun track to mix!

I replaced the drums with a kit from the new CLA Expansion Pack (SSD4).
I used a single drum layer - the kick would benefit from a second layer.

Feedback appreciated  :)
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Hey, welcome to! Good to see you here. As per our discussion at gearslutz, I shortened the ending, so here's my Mix 3:
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Ok, so first - shame on me! I posted here and then completely forgot I'd put it here as well as gearslutz. I just posted my second mix off there - which I will also copy here afterward, and a user mentioned that they had replied to this mixoff here. Terrible!

Secondly - thank you so much to everyone who has had a go. I love hearing what people do with my tracks, and while they aren't the best source recordings, I'm glad people can get something sounding reasonable out of them. I learn so much from hearing what people do with this both in terms of the mix, and effects used; and it really informs how I approach my mixing.

Ok, here we go, let me reply to as many as possible.

MortenDK - I know I replied to yours on GS, but was just relistening to your mix and wanted to say again that I love it! Especially all the vocal effects. I really need to think of a way to approach this, I think it can add so much to the tracks.

S1770 - Thank you for the advice... (read more)