Of Former Fame - A Bitter Con

Here's the raw tracks for 'A Bitter Con' by the band 'Of Former Fame'. I was chosen to mix their 2010 debut album 'Among Us' after guitarist/songwriter Omni held an 'audition-mixoff' on the REAPER forums. The end result exceeded all my expectations to be honest, every new track I got to mix was better written then the one before. This band truly deserves to 'make it' in my humble opinion.

Here's a link to their Reverbnation page, you can listen to my mix of A Bitter con here, as well as the rest of the album:

If you like the music as much as I do, please consider becoming a fan on Facebook:

Or maybe even buy the album or a song ;) :

Allright, on to the tracks:

http://www.unseensound.com/OFF_MixOff_Main.zip - This archive contains a MIDI file for the drums, all dry guitar tracks (you'll need to make your own sounds), the bass track and all vocal tracks...

http://www.unseensound.com/OFF_MixOff_Drums.zip - I rendered a drumkit (separate tracks for kick, snare, toms, hat, cymbals and room) for those folks without a drum-library, I made it a separate download so the folks who want to make their own drumsound don't have to bother downloading this file...

Have fun!

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Well this was a bit of a quick one, mostly in headphones... cause I can't really use the monitors at home at 3:30am haha.

If tomorrow I realize it's terrible than I'll tweak and repost.

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I recognize that scenario! I'll let you do a revision before I give some feedback :)
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Hi there,

Cool project indeed...Here's my take at it:

edit - new mix

<a href="http://www.fredreallymix.com/misc/OFF_ABitterCon.mp3">A Bitter Con (Mix2)</a>

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Allright, I've been trying to give you guys some feedback, but I can't seem to stop comparing your mixes with my 'final product'. That shouldn't happen, so I've decided to do a remix myself as well, starting from scratch and using some new tools I gathered after this project. I'll have some feedback and proper comparisons after that :)
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Ok, i startet mixing without hearing the reference tracks. So i gave all guitar tracks a nice amount of gain. Maybe not what you´ve suggestet ;D, but here it is anyways... No time to change it yet.


PS: What drum library was used? I like the OH´s a lot!
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Like I promised: a remix. Started from scratch and with many different tools from the original finished products. New toys like FG-X, Virtual Console Collection, SonEQ, Fabfilter pro-Q are all over this (they were not on the original). Used different drums and different combo's of Amps and Cabinets. TSE's new B.O.D. is on the bassguitar...  Completely new toolset, yet the mix turned out less different then I thought... I guess I really was done with it the first time :)


Feedback on other folks mixes so far:

Slater05 - I'm gonna be honest here and say that this is not your best work. I usually like your mixes, but this one seems 'off'. The different parts of the drumkit seem to be in different spaces. Guitars sound very mono and quite boxy. Vocal is buried... I think you could do much better with some fresh ears and a pair of monitors to be honest :)

Fred - Nothing wrong with this mix really. Perhaps... (read more)
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This is Joel (Omni) from Of Former Fame.  I hope you guys like the tune and have a good time mixing it.  Feel free to LIKE and then post your mixes on our www.facebook.com/offormerfame page for fun too!

If you like the music, maybe I'll let Stef add some other tunes here for you guys to play around with.  ;)

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@Lastrite: Thanks for your comment. Guitar chain was: TSE808 -> Lecto -> ASEM Ir EQ, Comp. (One of my better tones :)) I also put some short reverb on it. I can post some scrennshots if you want. I changed guitars on the verses, and did some minor tweaks. Your´re right, i have to work on the low department. One of the things i struggle the most.

Update: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/929252/Bitter%202.mp3

About your mix:  Guitars don´t doing it for me, sorry. Kick is to upfront, mix is pumping like hell. Same for bass. Are you using paralell compreesion on drums? Maybe turn it off. Otherwise drums, bass, vox are solid. 

@offormerfame: Some good di tracks you´ve layed down. Can you give a quick overview what gear was used, guitars, PU´s, bass, etc.

We programmed drums in Reaper with Superior Drummer 2.0 in mind.  I worked with Stef to limit the kit so we could transpose the MIDI notes for his Steven Slate drums instead.
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I think I got the levels a bit better.

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Interesting chain. I never quite found a use for that 808... I'm gonna experiment with your method some. From your feedback, I can tell I've been trying to get real low end from my headphones again :) I'll revisit my mix on the monitors tonight and check yours too.