Pop/funk mixoff. The cookies - In da club

Here's something for your mixing amusement - groovy tune from my band. It covers pretty broad range of style so it might be somewhat fun and challenging to mix.
Drums are live, and have some issues (for me gating snare was a must, because of the hihat)
DI bass, guitars are Di into Scuffham S-gear
Synth bass has very intense sound, so you might wanna temper it a lot.
Vocals were recorded at home, so they are not 100% dead, but nothing drastic.
Rap 1 and Rap 2 are mainly Background vocals, Rap 3 and 4 have some as well. all "Ty rap" and "Zi rap" are only for the "ooooooh" part.


my mix:[soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/the_cookies/in-da-club[/soundcloud]

another song for possible reference

have fun :)

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I like it!

I'm gonna give it a shot ...
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Aiight, unmastered:

Much easier on the ears than mine :D
I think I'm hearing a delay compensation issue with the tom close mics. There's something weird in them. Heavy part onwards they sound fine, seems to be onl... (read more)
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here is my mix: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23688706/idc.mp3

I'm gonna comment on earlier mixes later today! :) It was fun to work this, thanks to uploader!
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ffd: The mix is good and you can hear everything, the drums are a bit too "roomy" for my taste, but that's just an opinion.

vvv: I think bass is a little too weak for this genre. Otherwise the balance is pretty good.

spede: Spede does a good job like usual. Not much to comment on Spede's mixed besides they are good :) I think this is the best one this far.

japancakes: I'd like to have more highs for a little shine :)
I think your mix is too bright for the song. The cymbals are fatiguing and distract from the groove of the tune which is in the bass. It comes down to your taste. Your mix, though louder from EQ , ... (read more)
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Hi, here is my mix...
any feedback would be nice.

IMO too long reverb on the snare, it loses focus. I'd suggest put some very short Non-linear reverb on it (Born in the USA ;D); listen to the Kzu's mix for reference. You've gotten yourself a prett... (read more)
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thanks for your mixes i dig them a lot and will comment tomorrow :)
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my try : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/67037385/idc_sinmix_5.mp3
Stay Rock !
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I would have loved to use Revoice Pro on this one, but I'm on windows...  :-[
I think this is the first mix that I haven't used any delay on  :P I also tried to blend different snare samples for different parts of the song.
Did some editing with the claps.


fdd  Thank you very much for sharing the tracks. Also a very nice song and I think your mix fits the music very well.

vvv The main thing I see is, that the music seems a little ambient compared to the vocals that are pretty dry. Nice mix though. Maybe snare and kick could have some more smack. Nice play with the effects!

Spede Nice and tight. The mix seems a little on the bright side to me. But not too bright.

japancakes This has a retro vibe going on. Nice. I agree that it lacks some high end.

kzu The side stick reverb is a little too much for me. But nice controlled vocals! Good job.

t... (read more)
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O.P. Great track, nice and laid back but with a groove to nod ya head along to. Thanks for posting! I am downloading the files at the moment.

@140dBSPL: Nice mix, sounded very rounded and easy on the ears. To me it seemed a great interpretation of the genre and defiantly akin to a major commercial release for this style. Very Nice. Sorry I can't be more specific but I really can't hear anything that stands out to me and as I am learning, listening for "issues", I automatically found myself sat back enjoying the track.  ;D

fDD: I love the track, your reference mix sounds really good, tonality is balanced, I think its well recorded given the "At Home" element, who needs studios right? haha  ;) Guitars sound clear and shine through. I like the weight that you have removed from the Distorted gtrs in the middle section, vocals sound really nice. I am in a nice mood now, thanks for sharing!  :D

sinmix: Love the feeling at the intro, and the dreamy feel. Nice cha... (read more)