Mixing Bass guitar

So one of the dilemmas I have is with Bass guitar. I can get the guitar to sit right in the mix with EQ and compression
but in places in the song when a lower note is played because of the stronger string vibration it is louder and throws off the
Bass mix . If I go to correct for that with EQ and compression the upper register notes sound thin.
I find a problem with the open E notes and then on 5 string basses
with the open B. Playing through a DI. What are some of the solutions that you all do to correct the note loudness difference.

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Part of that has to do with the player, as said - mebbe most of it.  As I am my own bassist, on those occasions, I play it again.

When mixing others' stuff, I generally hand-ride the gain; I'm ITB, so I often just go in and find the offending note and lower it destructively, right on the track - it's typically easy to see and usually in the same place (ex., start of the riff.)

If I'm inna hurry, then heavy compression and limiting, with mebbe a pass filter if it's the low E.
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Are you sure it's not a monitoring issue? Does it do the same thing on headphones, and on other systems in other rooms?