Majesty - Pop/Rock Cover Mix Off - Just For Fun

Hi guys,

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in my first mix off. It was so much fun, and I learnt so much! I like to think I've applied a lot of what I learnt to this next track, and I feel the mix is a lot more balanced than any other mix I've done so far. Again it's a fairly simple anthemic pop/rock cover. I'm particularly happy with the final chorus, and how "big" it sounds.

Again, this is posted both in GearSlutz and here. I will try to be more conscientious about checking here for replied. Oops!!!

This is the best mix I've come up with so far:


The gear/plugins that has gone into making these files are:

sE Electronics SE2000 Mic for Vocals
Fender Telecaster Am. Deluxe -> Logic Pedalboard -> Amp Designer
Taylor 314CE DI
Musicman Bongo 4HH
Logic built in soft synth for strings

BFD 2.0 for drums

All the inputs are from an Apogee Duet.

I'd love to hear your take on this - feel free to mess around with it as much as you like, add parts, take them away, make it an acoustic version. Make it a dance remix. Add your own parts, whatever. I love hearing other people's takes on things. If you'd like the midi files for the drums or keys, please let me know.

So without further ado here is the link to download the tracks: (149bpm)

I look forward to hearing what you geniuses do with it!!!

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Hello. I posted my mixoff already to the Gearslutz thread. Decided to put it here too. Why not :)
(It's an AAC file, open in new window/tab to avoid distortion)

I'll give some to other mix when some mixes appear. ;)
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Could you provide the midi for the drums like you did with the other one?
Simon Morrison

The provided drum tracks have significant bleed issues - it is somewhat difficult to isolate the various components.
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Downloading now. Looking forward to it.  ;)
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Looking forward to hearing these mixes so much - Spede, just wanted to say again I loved the mix; listened to it a few times since, great mix!

Here is the drum midi file, all
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Thank you for the drum midi!

Here is my mix:

Feedback most welcome  :)
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Here is my mix, no automation, I gated and sample replaced the origional kit sounds. Really could do with quite a bit of automation but I ran out of time.
Great to mix this, thanks to the O.P. for posting.


@Simonmorrison, your mix is well balenced overall, perhapse the open hat is a bit on the loud side, I found it captures my attention to much. Nice mix though mate.

@Spede, Great mix, I love what you have done with the vocals, the main vox sounds nice and smooth. Also the Automation as the track moves into the first Chorus sounds delecate but powerful, just brilliant.
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the mixes so far!

@Simon - I really liked your mix. I think, however, it really exposes the lacking of my vocal recordings.. the second chorus is painful - on my part... sorry!!! I did like the drum kit you sampled - although it was maybe a little "roomy" for my liking. I liked the sound you got with the strings; and the bottom end of the mix really works for me. With a tiny bit more focus in the kick drum that would be fantastic for me. The ride sample was pretty cool; was this the CLA pack again? This is a great pop mix overall I think! The vocals are really up front and that's just what it needs.. great mix!

@Zabrilla - Loved this mix as well! Great idea with the intro; I felt bad when I heard it that I didn't invest more time in some keyboard parts. It could have used it - but being my typical lazy self I didn't get round to it! The kick sample is really tight and nice, love that. I feel like it is "pumping" in parts.. maybe limiter... (read more)
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Having relistened to them - I really regret including the Stupid Vocals track - I was hoping someone could find something redeemable in them - Spede almost did; but it's just pure stupidness! Sorry! ;)
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@Zabrilla - thank you for the feedback!

@wydsiwyrg - thank you for the feedback!

I have revised my original mix to include corrections to the OH levels, beginning vocal levels, acoustic guitar stereo image and bass guitar mud. I also copied Spede by applying an effect to the "Stupid Vocals" track.

The link in my original posting now points to the revised mix.

Let me know if this sounds better  :)
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@wydsiwyrg - Yes, I used a CLA kit. I tightened up the kick in my revised mix.