Mix Off "All I Am" By Book Thieves

EDIT: I have noticed that there are a lot of new posters in this thread, which is great. One thing I think is that everybody needs feedback on their mix, it is why most of us are hear after all. So with this in mind I would like to say that for ALL posters, if you have a track that you would like a comment or feedback on, all you have to do is give your own feedback on the mix that was in the thread before your own post. Simples! You can of course give feedback on as many mixes as you like, but you must feedback on at least one other mix before your own submission qualifies for feedback. 

TL: DR - Posting a mix? Critique or Feedback on the mix before your own if you are looking for comments on your own mix! Simples.

Hi All, Here is my band, Book Thieves and one of our tracks to have a go mixing. Just for fun and something to do over Christmas.

My band is based in Liverpool and we still play this track, another recording of this track is quite likely to feature on our Album, and is available on our E.P. @ bookthieves.com

Feel free to mix, mash and remix, no holes barred. I am really looking forward to hearing a different take on the song. Drums were recorded in an old School gymnasium in Liverpool and everything else was my first ever recording using my current home set up. PC with Cubase 5. The reference mix only uses the generic Cubase plug ins, the mic I used is a SE S200

The tracks are available here: http://www.4shared.com/archive/v8E0_ijG/Mixoff_-_Audio_Asylum_-_All_I_.html

Ok so I have a drop box link for the files as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1edv0m1ukwpy678/Mixoff%20-%20Audio%20Asylum%20-%20All%20I%20am.7z

And my reference track is here: [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/eiderstudiomusic/all-i-am[/soundcloud]

Happy Christmas Everyone.

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Do I have to sign up to DL!? ???
I have added them to Dropbox now so there is a direct link to the files without having to sign up to anything. I have added the link in the o.p. however here is the link also:

https://www.... (read more)
Just a tip: you can go back and put the Dropbox link in your original post. ;-)
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Yea, its not the best is it, it is free and it is easy but its a real PITA. OK I have set up a drop box account and am currently uploading and I will put up a link once complete. I will leave the 4shared link active so anyone who wants to DL using that link will still be able too.
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Thx man Will dl when I get home from Xmas!
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Dig the song, mate. I'm definitely gonna try my hand at this one! Thanks for uploading! :D
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Merry Christmas Everyone!
(I already sent email as it is written in instructions) :)
Enjoy :)
Nice bass sound, my favourite one so far.

I think you might have made the vocal too bright, especially when everything else is very, very dark. The delays sound really nice on the verse. ... (read more)
i like the mix. sounds great. u use trigger? maybe share your DAW project? Sounds nice and full :)
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@zusto: good solid mix, maybe the lower end of the frequency range is a bit lacking overall but very good (for me the kick is getting lost in the last part of the second chorus section). I like the balence shift when the distorted guitars kick in, and the transition back into the verse as well. Not sure about the overall vocal effect that you have panned over to the L channel, I think its causing some odd harmonics during the pre chorus; but I think it works really well during some sections. A great example would be the transition into the final section of the track. THe only other thing I noticed is that the clicks from the drum tracks were left in, not sure if this was a concious decision that you made however speaking personally (as the drummer), the clicks are there to help the other musicians keep time only and should be removed from the final mix. Great job matey and thanks for sharing your mix.
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Hi guys,

thank you for your words :)
@DAXweb - for the vocals I use a paralel compression, m/s psychoacoustics and some other hardware processing (no plugins). For this mix, I used a TDK tape, which has some high-frequency boost (I used this because no other tape was really ready for recording at that time:) )

@Zabrilla - yes, there are some minor things, which could be done better, if I will spend a few more hours at the mix, they would be fixed.
Please note, that I spend maximum of 1 hour of mixing every mixoff.org mix, because I have a lot to do in my studio and mixoff.org is only my favourite hobby :) When I have some "commercial request", I can spend 10-12 hours (not continuously) at one song and another 3-4 hours at mastering process (different room, different hardware, different speakers etc...) :)

Take care, guys! Looking forward to mix another great stuff from you!!!
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DAXweb, I used a dynamic eq with saturation over TDK tape (15 ips speed) for that track. This gave that power to guitar, but it still has that  frequency range and eq, which is not attacking other parts of the mix. That's my way :)
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I love your drum mix - great kick, snare and nice OH - levels and panoramas are ok, little room reverb is ok too.
Lead vocal is a little behind the music. I would use unprocessed (or lightly compressed) vocal track at the top of your existing vocal track in some nice level. This will help to bring the vocal a little at the front and that effect will stay there as well.
Bg guitar is very nice, it has great reverb.
Be careful on the stereo space - when singer starts to sing, bigger space will appear on the right channel and the song will "jump" to other - bigger space. This space is caused by another guitar track, which is reverbed too. Am I right?
If you want to have some space, you should preserve it during the song till the end.
For the power guitar, I wrote you before, it should be clear now.
I loose bass guitar link during guitar solo and I can't identify that till the end of the song - a little automation would help here or using dynamic eq in side-chain ... (read more)
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@DAXweb: Good mix, I agree with what Zusto put down in his comment so I will give some general feedback. I love some the the stereo verb and fx, gives the track a psychedelic feel which is actually the way we went with the track when we went into the studio. The final section, the lead guitar gets lost in the stereo field and is also too low in volume, you could try automating the other guitars a bit. I couldn't hear the acoustic guitar either, its a shame because the acoustic adds a lot of colour especially on the intro section. Great mix though mate, thanks for sharing.

For the bass, well our Bass player isn't that great in his technique when were in the studio. I let him put his tracks down and then split the track into light and heavy sections. I EQ'ed compressed and then ran through my Yamaha N12, of which I also used additional EQ and Sweetspot compression. I treated each sections differently in terms of ITB plug ins however on the hardware N12, each channel was trea... (read more)