Hard Rock mix off - I have no idea what I'm doing

Hi all,

Just found this forum recently and was hoping to learn a few things.  Thought I'd post a song I've been working on.


Most of the recording equipment is crap, so your work is cut out for you. I apologize for that but budgets are budgets.

Here's my mix as I have it so far:

I would love your feedback.  There are some harsh sounds coming from the vocals that I can't seem to get rid of.  This would be fixed with a new mic, but we're not at that stage yet.

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Your link to the mix doesn't seem to work (for me at least)... is it in the public folder?
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The webplayer doesn't seem to work, but you should be able to download it if you open the link in a new tab.  I just verified on a secondary computer that I've never logged into dropbox on.
Yep, you're right. I'll take a look at the tracks next year :D
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That hi-hat seems programmed too fake.

Btw what guitar/pedals/amps/mics did you used for guitar?
Sounds great.
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All drums are Addictive Drums.

Guitar is a Schecter C-1 Exotic played through a Line6 TonePort using GearBox.  "Line 6 Insane" amp model with 4x10 1958 Tweed B-Man cab model.  Some chorus and verb, then doubled.
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Changed up the hats a bit.  Updated the .zip and included them here also: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8nreid1zeayjn1/Goliath%20-%20Hats.wav
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Ok, so I did a quick one-pass mix:


Thanks for sharing the tracks.
I have some notes, if you don't mind:

From a production perspective: There is this bar before the choruses without vocals, that leaves the listener "hanging". It needs a melodic element, from a commercial stand point at least, to lead into the chorus.
Some more guitars would help the density of the song. Some crunch sounds with sustained chords to underline the main chord changes in the chorus mixed in a little bit, for example. It doesn't have to be obvious, just to get the feeling of "more" in the chorus.
The drums of course lack some human element, but I guess you know that  ;D Cymbals and especially high hats in AD have some very peculiar sound that can get harsh fast. This wasn't the first time I put a de-esser on a AD high hat. Also the high hat track is too compressed. Is this the AD master channel saturation ... (read more)
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That's some really good feedback - thank you so much.  I've got some work to do!
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Here's mine:


Found the vocals difficult, and +1 re: 140dBSPL's comment about that "hanging" gap pre-chorus being irksome, and vocal timing a bit off - I didn't fix this aspect, just left out the BV and 2nd lead gtr.

Thanks for sharing  ;)
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Here is my quickie mix. Since there was no more than two guitars, I used my most powerful tools on the verse guitars and bass: mute automation.


edit: I also agree on the "take out the empty parts" comment or fill them with something

edit2: forgot to mention that the song has a nice King's X vibe to it. I like it.
Thanks.  I've actually never listened to King's X but it sounds like I might like them :)
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Did a little update to my mix. I'd say it's guitar heavy.  ;D Went in to the direction of Alice in Chains "Black gives Way to Blue" album soundwise, becuase the song reminded me of it .

I like it!  Love AIC too.  I've been listening to a lot of Chevelle's Hats Off to the Bull album lately.  I've started using Face to the Floor as a reference track because I love how it sounds.
What did you do to the kick to get that sound?
EQ -> Comp -> EQ -> EQ -> than blended with my homemade deathkick sample -> RBass -> Comp -> EQ -> Drum bus compression and saturation.  ;D