Phase Shift

Hey all,

This is the first tune I recorded with my current rig - Tascam US1800

I've been messing around with recording for a couple years with my old band using a really crappy $100 USB 1.1 interface and mixing drums, bass and guitars etc. off the floor in my old Peavy MP600 PA system and adding my guitar and vocals later - results were pretty raw and not that workable due to the single track for drums and bass. The Peavey now powers my monitors haha.

Anyhow, I recorded all the parts for this song on my own since the old band is living in disparate locations now - I used the Tascam and the following:

- All guitars are DI except the solo which was Amplitube'd thru a Marshall Stack - couldn't locate the unprocessed .WAV for it
- Drum OH's were mic'd with a pair of Apex pencil condensers, kick with a med. dia Apex Condenser, Snare with a Shure 58 (all the mic's I have atm)
- Bass was DI thru Amplitube as well, again can't find the unprocessed .WAV
- Vocals all through the med. dia Apex Condenser
- Various Cubase 5 FX, compression, limiting, reverb, chorus etc.

Files are here:

My best attempt at a mix is here:

Since I'm a bit new at this, I'm excited to see what all the experienced folks on here can do with this - I'd also appreciate any tips or constructive criticism you can offer

Cheers, and happy mixing - Josh

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I'm down for a go at this. There was a lot of clicking and noise and stuff... is it in the track? or is it ?
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As far as I know its soundclick - didn't notice anything while doing the mix - your the second person who mentioned this to me actually, I might switch over to soundcloud, people seem to have less problems with it.

Edit: Its def. soundclick - just listened to that version and my MP3 on the harddrive, and the HD version didn't have static/clicks etc.
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Well had a go at it for about an hour and a half. Still not totally happy but I won't have time to do anything else on it until next week.
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Cool mix - REALLY like what you've done with the vocals, what kind of processing/EQ did you use on those tracks if I might ask? Makes me sound like a real singer haha

Guitar comes through good and heavy in the right parts too, my original mix was a little more psychidelic - mostly for experimental purposes, but yours is truer to the song as it is supposed to sound live, which is interesting. Made me realize guitars in my mix are too quiet and should have a bit heavier distortion though. Drum sound is good too, fits well in the mix. Really like the kick sound.

My only criticism is the rhythm guitars overpower the vocals and the 'solo/accent' bridge parts a little bit in some places.
So here is the vocal section, the verse/chorus vocals feed into their fx channel, where they're EQ'd and compressed to shit  :P

But the sends to verb/delay are sent before compression so t... (read more)
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Also go here

to get a free soundtoys compressor plugin!
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Slater - Interesting mix, sounds very radio-friendly, was the snare changed? it sounds a lot more like a snare top than the one in the multitrack.

This is my effort:
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Joe - thanks for taking a stab at the song - Here's my feedback (+/-)

+ I like your bass clarity and kick drum sounds,
+ Good balance and tone on the rhythm guitars
+ Like the FX on vocals - comes through nicely in certain spots and although a little more saturated than I usually go with, it fits the song well.
- I think the kick might be a little loud overall, and peaky in some spots - I blame the way I played it, it is a difficult kick track to deal with because I'm all over the place, not an ideal mic for kick drum either. Might be able to fix with some compression or normalization, or maybe just automate down the bad peaks
- Guitar wise I think the solo's/accent guitar bits should be a louder
Thanks Josh, and all the feedback seems fair enough, I think taste come into it with lead guitar levels. What did you mean by 'saturated'? I just didn't know what kind of saturation you were referr... (read more)
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Probably wrong terminology there - By saturated I think I meant "wet" - Lotsa reverb, which I usually don't go for as a personal preference (I'm always afraid of adding too much FX) - In this case it sounded cool - there were a few points i noticed where the reflections of the vocal filled some sonic space that in my mix was more or less unused.

You're right on the personal preference thing guitar wise - as a lead guitar player I love nothing more than a piercing guitar solo sound that screams out from the depths of hell, melting all faces in its path  ;D

The bass was DI, not with a box though, just plugged right into the board. Its a crappy starter bass I bought on ebay 10 years ago.

The kick drum was definitely not well played - I've only started playing drums on a regular basis this year and I was all over the place intensity wise and bouncing the beater a little.

Another + I forgot - your cymbal sound was nice and clear
Thought so just that saturation has many meanings. It was perhaps wet in a 70s-ish way I probably got away with it as it was a fairly small mix. I am lead guitarist too perhaps I have been used to ... (read more)
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I'm really happy with the Tascam - 8 XLR channels, 2 guitar DI's (1-1/4") plus 4 more line in's (+4/-10)

4 out's (1-1/4") and s/pdif, RCA send/recieves on it too. Plus dedicated monitor out's (L/R) and a headphone monitor jack - zero latency monitoring when you have it set up right.

The preamps on the unit are decent for the price - I was pretty happy with the recording quality - it actually sounds better than stuff I was previously mixing OTB in a Peavy MP600 6 channel XLR mixer that cost me like $500 (the Tascam was $400 with tax and shipping etc.)

For recording bands on a budget, I couldn't find anything better. The only think I don't like is no markers on the input gain knobs for channels 1-10 so you have to reference all your knobs to 0, 10 or the peaking light (which is at about 3.5)

I'm upgrading to an imac soon-ish once my Acer dual core with Vista dies, but even the old Acer (which didn't have firewire - hence my purchase of a USB interfa... (read more)
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Yeh, I think it should be a rule that no one mix their own vocal as it sounds so unnatural to hear your own voice back. I read a review on a similar tascam product and they said monitoring at zero latency was a problem, so there are ways around it? I have a laptop (it can be expanded for FW) and I wondered about this device seems a bit too good to be true and I never knew you could get 14/16 channels down a USB 2 cable.