Great Piano and Singer track. Justin Bieber Track cover... Just 2 tracks!

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what people come up with mixes from this... It has Two tracks. Vocal and piano...

Vox was Neumann U87ai > UALA 610MkII > RME FF 800 > Sonarx1

Here is my my mix >  <

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just two files!


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Nicely tracked  :)

3:00am, 30 minutes, 2 glasses of wine...

I went for a slightly darker, more compressed tone: Justin Bieber Cover V2.wav

1/12/13 5:50PM: Updated to V2
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Had a really nice morning listening and working on this track.  Thank you to 'Off the wall studio' for uploading this.

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This is my attempt:
Had some problems with the vocals. They sounded quite harsh to my ear, i'm not sure if I actually managed to make them any good :) It's surprisingly hard to make the mix work with so little elements, somehow I find it easier to mix bigger songs with more instruments.

Jon: Sounds nice and pleasant, I would like the vocals to come to the front a little more at some times.. But they're just at the right place for most of the time I think, good job!

Simon Morrison: Nice mix, I just think that the piano is a little too low on volume, you could bring it up a little bit maybe. :)
Simon Morrison
kzu: Thanks for the feedback!  I have revised my mix and updated the original posting.

FYI: I did apply pitch correction to the vocal track.
Simon Morrison
kzu: Excellent work on the piano!
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Really? I didn't think they were harsh that much... and yes i find if there are just a few things going on they have to be absolutely perfect... thanks for mixing  :D
There were some frequencies that I found annoying and tried to tame them a little bit... just my opinion, felt a little too much against the soft piano. Thanks for the tracks, nice to mix something... (read more)
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kzu: Very good! So good, that I don't post my own mix unless I can make it better than yours (what I didn't yet) :-). The whole mix sounds very round, warm and it's a pleasure to listen to it even though the vocals are bretty bright (sounds to me like saturation á la NLS with the drive cranked?). There are just a few tweaks I'd suggest to make it even better: - automate the vocal level down on 2 places where one can hear a little the "lip-noise" just before the breathing. - automate the beautiful sounding reverberated delays up and down on the right places and don't let them run through the whole song. And the reverb is sometimes just a little too obvious on the choruses. I just reviewed kzu's mix, because it's the only downloadable MP3.
Simon Morrison
My mix is also downloadable - just click the "Download" icon: Justin Bieber Cover V2.wav
Simon Morrison:
Sounds great! A little too much reverb (especially on the piano) for my taste, but it still sounds great. The pitch correction distracts me quite a lot. Just put it off, please.... (read more)
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Hi guys,
my mix & master:

Enjoy :)
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Here's my mix:
offthewallstudio - Beauty And The Beat Cover (RiF 1, 2013-02-11)

After about 7 mix revisions, I came back to my very first one :-). I referenced Adele's Someone Like You for this mix, although the piano recording sounds quite different. I couldn't get rid of that electric piano honk on the piano track, unfortunately.

All mixed in-the-box with Valhalla Vee3, my new favorite reverb. But I held me self back from overusing it on this one.
Waves C4 helped to get the vocals under control.
Does somebody else notice the clipping on the right side of the piano recording?
Simon Morrison
RiF: Thank you for the feedback! I like your "drier" version  :)

I am not seeing/hearing any clipping on the original piano track - it is peaking at -0.7 dBFS. It definitely needs to be at... (read more)
Yup. Right at the end.

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Here is my mix.

Hope you like it.
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I mixed this a while back, and then remixed it with some new waves plugins so I figured I'd post it up... Let me know what you think

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i downloaded the vox but i couldn't find the piano?
can anyone upload it again?
link=topic=687.msg11193#msg11193 date=1382741709 says

i downloaded the vox but i couldn't find the piano?
can anyone upload it again?