Alternative electro/rock multigenre song needs your help!

Hey guys,

So I have this song that I wrote and recorded and although I think it has some potential it is missing some stuff. Maybe you give it a listen first (just a rough mix):

It's obviously missing vocals (I have some ideas but no way to execute them right now). In addition to that it needs real drums from the 2nd chorus on to the end and at least some hihat and cymbal fiddeling in the verses to get away from that "loop feeling". Also the ending needs changes so it doesn't sound so chopped off. Other suggestions are of course most welcome!

Here are some stem tracks for now:!HIMU3RgD!dZ2hKjAMoLUqIm6lKw7XrjGXu2l5b4SdUQhQH2K_Ilo

I can also upload all individual tracks. There are many. Just let me know.

Here are the chords to this song:

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Hey, would love to take a stab at this... I'm thinking adding some electric guitars in certain parts to give it more edge. What do you think?
Cool! I'm curious what that would sound like.
Would you prefer stem tracks or rather single tracks? There are a lot of tracks, some of them heavily processed so it will probably sound like crap... (read more)
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Send me stems for now, let's keep it simple :)
Alright. I won't get around to it today anymore, I'll render it tomorrow.
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Sure thing do them whenever and I'll have a look.
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Here are the stem tracks:!HIMU3RgD!dZ2hKjAMoLUqIm6lKw7XrjGXu2l5b4SdUQhQH2K_Ilo

And some notes (chords, tempo,...):
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I'd love to hear a slight delay (somehow 10-15% wet) on the guitar solo at the end. It should sound less "in your face" and more "inside the track".
BUT: that's my poor opinion :D, and I don't know the effect that you wanna give in that moment.
No, you're absolutely right! The solo is too loud and too dry. I just did not change yet it because more stuff is (hopefully) going to happen to the song/mix anyway  ;D
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Recorded some real drums you can layer or whatever.  If you like them I'll continue.

Muted the other perc tracks in this.
Wow, thanks man! I didn't actually think someone would do this :D :D
I do like these drums, I think they will cut a fine figure in the "heavy" parts of the song! For the first half of the song ... (read more)
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Glad to hear it.

Yeah, I can play whatever you like.  I just played that ride bit during the chorus cause it sounded like you wanted it to be an uplifting sounding dance part, so I just played cymbals to go over the electronic drums.

Just wasn't sure what you wanted the final track to sound like.

I'll record some stuff tomorrow.

Well done on this track so far by the way.  I really enjoy the part at 2:27.
Hey maybe you could incorporate some high hat with that ride in the chorus? You know, some high hat doubles or something... Originally I though about a busy groovy kinda feel of the cymbals over th... (read more)
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Here you are.  Sorry it took so long.

The second chorus part is honestly beyond my skill as a drummer.  I just played what felt right.  If you really are in love with what was played in that file, I can do it and it will sound real, but I wouldn't actually be playing it live.  I'd record probably 3 tracks and overlap them.  It's up to you.  If this is the case, just say so.

Hope the ending works too.

Full dry mix (orig drum track and parts of perc track muted) -

Drum stems -
Awesome, thank you!
No, you don't have to duplicate that 2nd chorus part this way. I'll probably just layer it with the first one.

One thing however would be nice - if it's no trouble ... (read more)
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Hehe ;D, they were already quantized.  No big deal though I suppose.  The trigger markers are probably quite useful.

And yes, I'll play that as soon as I can.
Oh man...  ;D ;D I actually also manually quantized them, I tried to keep everything in the 6ms range after the grid, so it's not completely locked in place, depending on the section of the song. (read more)
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Yeah, I quantized the cymbals as well, just not crashes because its nearly impossible.  How long did you spend quantizing?