Album mixing offer, rock, "nickelback style" ;P

Hello, my friends are looking for a guy who will be mixing their LP. They can offer about 1400$ for 8 songs.

Here are raw tracks for one song or

here is song:

Post your mixes here in the topic, and have fun.

Tempo is 170 bpm

Deadline is about month from now, I will inform you who will be chosen.

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May I ask what these Neumann guitar mics are exactly? Room cab mics?
Sounds like room mics.


I've gotta say, the original mix of this song is already pretty killer-sounding. I have a hard time imagining someone could best it.
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Any chance at a lyric sheet? And possibly an English translation? Sadly, I do not speak Polish (if I'm correct in identifying the language).

The original mix provided IS pretty good.....
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Heres my mix, any comments advice etc appreciated.

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Hi there. Link with Dropbox is temporarily stopped by traffic.
You can download the track from this alternative link:
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This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium. Get Premium Now! $9.95 a month. Do you have a free version of this track. I don't wanna subscribe for something i'm only gonna use once.....Sorry

Huh ??? I downloaded it through the first link (speedyshare) and had no troubles getting it whatsoever.

EDIT: Just clicked the link and now it does seem to demand a premium...
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Anyway. I finished a mix from this song couple of days ago, but wanted to live with it for a while. I spent some time getting the changes from verses to choruses rock. This song reminded me quite a lot of AIC's "A Looking In View" so I went with that in mind.
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You've nailed it!
I like your mix clean and nice.
But if I may say somthing, I would say that the kick is to loud in the mix, and therfore makes a pumping effect on the stereobus, and that may be to much for the... (read more)
Thanks. That "Kick hitting the master bus compressor" -phenomenon is a thing I've been fine-tuning for the last 1,5 years. To me it seems to be the "secret ingredient" for the attitude in Andy Wall... (read more)
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For all who have a problem with downloading tracks:
try using this URL:

It will be on the server for two days (policy server).
After this, I'll loading again
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Hello everybody... I also did a mix of this song. It's always fun to mix this kind of music ;D

EDIT: I did a little update to this mix. The URL is the same. Gotta say, I would love to mix all songs haha  ;D ;D
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The 2nd verse, is it meant to be vocal there too? ???
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Here's my mix: