Pick Thud from Gtr Track

I have a elec gtr part that has some really heavy thud from te pick.
In most places I can live with it but in others it is really distracting.
I can't seem to EQ it out.  Envelope Shaper (native in Cubase) works OK but I don't quite
like that approach.  Haven't tried compression yet.
Any ideas?
Musically Terry

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Maybe post a clip?

It sounds like you've tried the things I'd try, maybe a multiband compressor, if it's a low frequency thump?
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I tried putting the file in Wavelab Spectrum Edit
that didn't work either.  Albeit I'm not that good with Spectrum Edit.
The Thud appears acroos a wide frequency range and a lot of Strength in the
250 to 1000 range the narrowest EQ kills the Gtr sound.
I'll upload a portion of the file.
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I UL the file on Sound Cloud
Terry Cano 1
File name is Lead B1



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Yeah, I hear what you're talking about!

I might try running it through an amp sim, and see what happens. Even if you want a clean tone, maybe an amp sim will take that attack down a bit. A distorted tone would proabably mask it better, but might not work for the song.

A transient designer plug like you tried would be my second approach, but you'd really have to play with it, I think.

Re-recording the track is not possible? Maybe without the delay?
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Hmmm....didn't think of Amp Sim.  Good idea I'll try it.
I had planned on running it through on anyway but genrally like to clean up the parts
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Or you might try to re-amp it.
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Hi, might work with transient designer.
De esser or multi band comp
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A really fast limiter set to only reduce those pick sounds, and nothing else.
Like a Waves L1 or like that.